Go Hands-free with a Fashionable Clutch + Belt Bag – Plus Diabetes Bag Option

Clutch + Belt Bag

How many times have you wished you had a way to keep only the essentials like your car keys, cash, and phone with you without lugging your heavy purse around? There are many occasions where I’d rather not carry my purse but need to carry a few items with me – like when I go hiking, biking, to the library, shopping, take my kids to the playground, and while sightseeing. What if I told you that there is a perfect, hands-free way to carry these items that is still fashionable too. Introducing the Clutch + Belt Bag by Beau & Ro.

Clutch + Belt BagI received product to facilitate this post.

Clutch + Belt Bag Review

Is that a fanny pack?! Yes. No. Sort of.

The Beau & Ro. Clutch + Belt Bag is nothing like the fanny packs of the 80’s and 90’s. It is fashionable, sleek, and hip with fashionable leathers and combinations. The Clutch + Belt Bag allows you to go hands-free with a belt bag that fits comfortably around your waist. The spacious 6 x 8 inches allows you enough room to carry everything you need at all times like your phone and cash without the weight and inconvenience of a heavy purse. Run your errands, play with your kids, and sight-see – hands-free during the day! Or, carry it as a beautiful clutch for a night of dinner and dancing.

I’ve really enjoy the  L.A. Lady Clutch + Belt Bag which features a combination of denim and leather. The style is so versatile and goes with most everything I wear.

Clutch + Belt Bag
I keep all my must-haves in the belt bag at all times including my phone, tissues, lip gloss, money, and my keys. It is so spacious, I could put more but I want to keep it sleek while wearing.

Clutch + Belt BagThe belt measures 45” from end to end and adjusts making it perfect for most sizes. If you are a plus-size gal, it may or may not fit, depending on if you prefer to wear it low on your hip like me or higher on your waist.

Beau & Ro Bag  offers the Clutch + Belt Bag in a wide range of styles including leather, denim, and even wool from the cutting room floor of the Pendleton factory in Oregon. All of the bags are made in the U.S.A., New York to be exact.

Clutch + Belt BagStylish Diabetes Bag

As you may know, my son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My life (and often my blog posts) revolve around managing this disease – until there is a cure. When I received the Clutch + Belt Bag, my immediate thought was that it was the perfect size for me to carry my son’s diabetes supplies (insulin, blood glucose meter, test strips, glucagon emergency kit, syringes, fast-acting snacks, etc.).

Clutch + Belt Bag for Diabetes Bag
Clutch + Belt Bag as Diabetes Bag

I try to relieve my son of the responsibility of having a bag slung over his shoulder when he is with me. Diabetes is hard enough for kids, I try every way possible to make his childhood as typical as the next kid. It is hard enough on him to have to carry all of his supplies with him at school. How I wish there was an equally stylish belt bag for my son. For now, he has an Indiana Jones type of belt bag that he slings over his shoulder at school while I use this beautiful Clutch + Belt Bag when he is with me.

The Clutch + Belt Bag is the perfect size to act as a diabetes bag for girls and women with Type 1 Diabetes – and for T1D Moms. It is the perfect size for keeping diabetes supplies with us when I take my kids to sports practice, playground, and amusement parks. It doubles as a stylish clutch when we go to dinner – nobody knows what is inside! You should see the bags I’ve used in the past – UGLY.

Diabetics must have their supplies with them 24/7, being hands-free with this bag is a huge blessing. The Clutch + Belt Bag is a stylish diabetes bag option – no more unsightly diabetes bags!!

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