No Cold Feet in Our House!

heat holders thermal socks review

Although we have been fortunate to have a very warm Fall so far, we all know that the harsh cold, Ohio winter is right around the corner. I really don’t like the cold and find myself layering on clothing and socks even when staying indoors! This year, my whole family is prepared for the cold with Heat Holders® – The Warmest Thermal Sock™. There are no cold feet in our house!

heat holders thermal socks review

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Heat Holders® – The Warmest Thermal Sock™.

Unlike layering clothing to keep your core warm, you can’t easily layer socks. Heat Holders is like layering but much more comfortable! Heat Holders use a special thermal yarn that gives your feet the insulation against the cold weather while still allowing your feet to breathe and not sweat. That’s a huge problem with layering socks – your feet sweat, leaving your socks wet and very uncomfortable.

Heat Holders socks are so, so comfortable. My kids started wearing their socks weeks ago, even though it’s been warm because of how comfortable they are to wear. Now that it is getting cold outside, I wear them everyday. They are much better than slippers in the house too because you can wash after every wear.

heat holders thermal socks review

Heat Holders uses a special knitting technology that not only adds extra cushion to these socks but also traps in warm air, keeping your toes warm all through the winter. Check out this quick video to see the science behind how these are the warmest socks available!

Your whole family can enjoy warm feet all winter long. Heat Holders are available in Men’s, Women’s and Children’s sizes. Find a huge variety on

Heat Holders also offers a variety of gloves, hats, and more to keep your warm all winter long. I found a nice selection in Hudson, Ohio at Olympia Sports too.

heat holders in ohio at olympia sports
Say goodbye to cold feet too with Heat Holders thermal socks.

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