How to Get Kids to WASH Their Hands Happily

How many times a day do you have to tell your kids to wash their hands? A million, right? Well, I found a very cool line of products that will get kids to wash their hands happily! Seriously. I’m not even joking. When you give kids the coolest soaps and hand sanitizers, they willingly wash their hands.

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I don’t even care that my kids, niece, and nephew seem to use extra soap now when they wash their hands because guess what, they are washing their hands for over 20 seconds! How? With super fun, super cool, and super effective soaps. Above and below is Crazy Aaron’s amazing color technology put into an effective hypercolor foaming hand soap!

This color changing natural foam soap is so fun to squirt, wash with, and clean your hands. It smells great too in berry, strawberry, and green apple scents!

Kids and teens alike (even moms) will love this totally unique and fun hand soap called Splatz.

Splatz is an all natural soap suspended in bubbles. Pick up the tray to reveal your bubble. Rub and wash your hands and have fun when the soap bubble splatz into your hand. Then, clean away the germs! This is so fun to do. My teenage daughter was giggling when she first used it and likes to show her friends this soap because it is unexpected and fun.

Everyone recommends washing hands for 20 seconds. Some sing songs to get to that mark but most of us, especially children probably don’t wash for 20 seconds every time – and we need to. This 20 Second Hand Soap is a fun and cool way to make sure your washing for at least 20 seconds – and train you on how long 20 seconds of washing really is.

These fun-colored soaps are individually wrapped to make it easy to have soap with you anytime, anywhere. They are fun to have in kids’ bathrooms, at school or church, or anywhere that you want a clean and tidy supply of soap + kids that need to wash their hands!

Tired of boring hand sanitizers? Aren’t we all? To get kids to use their hand sanitizers, they have to be fun. Really there is no other way. Crazy Aarons is to the rescue with their multi-colored, layered hand sanitizers with fun prints on the bottles. This Alcohol Antiseptic 68% is in a convenient 4oz size that is perfect for keeping in kids’ book bags!

I love these creative and fun ways for kids and teens to fight COVID-19 germs, flu germs, and all other germs this season.  Your kids will love them too!

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