A Science Adventure Comic Novel – Survive Inside the Human Body

I am extremely thrilled to put a very unique set of books under the tree this year. Yes they are comics, yes they were first printed in South Korea, and yes they are about the science of the human body.

SURVIVE! Inside the Human Body, is currently a three volume set aimed at explaining the workings of the human body in a, well, gripping way. Just like movies including Martin Short’s InnerSpace, (trailer below) SURVIVE! Inside the Human Body brings in-body and out-of body experiences to the reader.

I received product to facilitate this post.


In reviewing the first Survive! Inside the Human Body book thoroughly, I was really pleased to see the requirement of scientific learning paired with adventure. The English translation did a great job of following through and, for example, explaining WHY the shrunken body ship had to fend of Bacterium lurking in the stomach. Fending off bacterium with lasers- what an exciting topic to consider for a young mind.


The three existing volumes include a trip through the digestive system, a trip through the circulatory system, and a trip up and down the nervous system.


Sometimes, of course, the comics can’t completely tell the story of the science behind the body. So, very occasionally, some deeper knowledge is presented OUTSIDE of comic book format, allowing kids a deeper read – for those that are interested.


All three of these books are available through Amazon.com. Put them on your short list- great as fun presents or as hefty stocking stuffers!!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to No Starch Press who provided the products for review.

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