Installing Insulation Boards for Radiant Underfloor Heating System

picture of Warmup Insulation Boards

We are installing the Warmup underfloor heating system in our foyer.  Since we are installing on a concrete slab, we are installing insulation boards first.  This will prevent heat-loss while at the same time warming our floors up in just 10-15 minutes compared to 2-3 hours without the insulation boards. The Warmup radiant underfloor heating system can be used under almost any surface including carpet, vinyl, wood, linoleum, ceramic floor, or natural stone floor tile.

picture of Warmup Insulation Boards
Warmup Insulation Boards

Although not required, installing Warmup Insulation Boards is recommended. Warmup Insulation Boards are water resistant insulated tile backer boards. They are made of extruded polystyrene with fiberglass mesh sides embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar. 

This will provide you with the best heated floors without heat loss through the floor. Since we have a concrete slab, there would be longer heat-up time and heatloss through the slab, so we decided to add the insulation boards.

Installing Warmup Insulation Boards Video Review

Installing Warmup Insulation Boards

The Warmup Insulation Boards were easy to install. We simply laid out the insulation boards first, staggering the boards so the seams weren’t lined up against each other. The insulation boards were easy to cut using a simple scoring tool or knife.

picture of Cutting Warmup Insulation Boards
Cutting Warmup Insulation Boards

Next, we applied the insulation boards to the clean surface with a sticky adhesive we found at Lowes.

picture of Warmup Insulation Boards installed
Warmup Insulation Boards installed

The process was simple to do. It will keep our floors warmer and provide faster and warmer underfloor heating.

Once the sticky adhesive dries, I will be ready to install the Warmup underfloor radiant heating system. Radiant floor heat is an affordable way to add comfort and warmth to any room.

For us, it will be providing heat to our foyer and hallway that would not have heat otherwise. The new foyer is where the old kitchen use to be. We have hot water baseboard heat throughout the house. With adding a new Clopay entry door to the foyer, we had to remove the baseboard heat. Warmup radiant underfloor heat will provide us a warm entrance into our home and an easy solution to heating a room without a traditional heat source.

Buy Warmup Insulation Boards

You can find out how to buy the Warmup Insulation Boards on the Warmup website. Tell them you learned about this product on

This was not a paid post. Opinions were used based on our perceptions and experience. Thank you to Warmup who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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