Drink Coffee & More the Eco-Friendly, Convenient Way

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We are all trying to do our part to eliminate waste and be more eco-friendly with our purchases.If you are like me, you do it when it is fairly easy and convenient. Otherwise, you’re stopping at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and handing out juice boxes to your kids…

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Drink Coffee the Eco-Friendly Way

The waste adds up. I’m not an extremist and I’m not judging anyone that does throw those cups and boxes away but I do try to do my part, as much as possible. One way I do that is with Precidio Design on-the-go beverage and food-friendly products, including Kafe in the Box and Drink in the Box.

One way that we really fail at as adults is buying our coffee to go. We throw away so many Starbucks cups, it’s crazy.

An easy switch is Kafe in the Box helps earth by illuminating your part of the 600 billion paper and plastic cup waste distributed globally of which Starbucks represents 4 billion which is equivalent to 1 million trees per year.

You won’t miss the throw-away cups, not with this gorgeously designed cup! It feels good to hold and sipping from the square cup is like comfortable, like a little hug for your mouth.  I love that it is splash proof too – Strarbucks has nothing on this cup! Slide the lock to drink and then close to lock in the aroma and prevent splashes.

It is lighter weight than stainless steel or ceramic travel mugs so you’ll actually use it all the time! Plus, it fits in car cup holders easily – unlike some travel mugs that don’t!

Not sure if you can make the switch full time? How about a discount at Starbucks if you do? Yes, you get $.10 off your cup when you bring your own cup to Starbucks. They have actually offered this discount since 1985! Bring your cup and they will fill it up and charge you a coordinating prices. For instance, 16 ounces is standard “large size” at coffee shops but they will know. I’m sure most coffee shops will do this for you, even if you don’t get the discount, you’ll be doing your part to drink eco-friendly in a convenient way!

Kafe in the Box pulls apart easily for cleaning and dishwasher safe. Beyond the eco-friendly benefits, you’ll save a lot of money buying your own cup and making coffee at home too! Purchase your Kafe in the Box in a variety of sizes on Amazon.com.

Drink Cold Drinks the Eco-Friendly Way

We have been using Drink in the Box products for about 5 years now. Our kids have one packed in their lunch boxes every day for school. We also use them for drinks in the car and for our travel cup on vacation.

Cities are enforcing straw bans and Starbucks is phasing out plastic straws by 2020. This is going to make it difficult for kids – and adults to drink their favorite beverages on the go.  Drink in the Box is here to the rescue!

Drink in the Box Refillable Drink Box

Many of us fail to do our part and be eco-friendly when it comes to juice boxes. We send them with our kids to school every day, serve them at kid-parties, drink them at home and on the go. Think about this though: 130 billion juice boxes end up in landfills every year taking 300 years to discompose. The average child uses 3600 per year! Think of how drinking cold drinks the convenient and eco-friendly way with Drink in the Box could impact our environment!Drink in the Box Refillable Drink Box

There is an easy and better way to drink our juice, water, and other beverages. Drink in the Box is just one way that Precidio Design has to offer that are especially appealing to children.

Plus, you’ll save money filling your own container with juice and drinks from home. You can purchase Drink in the Box in a number of sizes and colors on Amazon.com.

Check out all of Precidio Design drink and food products on Amazon.com to go further with your eco-friendly goals!

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