Kids Sandals for Summer Adventures and Back-to-School

Kamik sandals review

Summer fun includes plenty of adventure outside! Make sure your kids are fully equipped for fun with comfortable sandals that keep their feet supported and protected.  Sandals that offer the traction they need to keep kids safe on all surfaces is essential. Toe guards for young kids offer the protection of a sneaker but the breath-ability and quick drying of a sandal offers the best of both worlds.

I’ve found the Kamik brand to offer great styles for kids of all ages for the summer and back-to-school.

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I love Kamik’s Crab and Seaturtle closed-toe sandals. They offer the best protection for little toes while still offering a sandal for warm weather.

Many summer camps and schools require closed-toe sandals, so these Kamik styles are perfect for both now and when kids head back to school.

My nephew loves his Crab sandals. According to him, they help him climb higher and run faster. These sandals feature the toe guard/closed toe feature that protect kids from stubbed toes.

The Crab sandal keeps up with my nephew’s adventures no matter what that involves including climbing fences at Grandma’s farm and walking through the creek. They are waterproof and dry quickly!  The sandals are easy for young kids to put on without assistance with bungee lacing and velcro straps. They are secure for all-day wear.  You can purchase the Kamik Crab sandals on the Kamik website for $39.99 in toddler sizes: 5-10 and children sizes: 11-7 for both boys and girls in these color choices: Plum, Magenta, Green/Navy, Purple, Blue,  and Black colors.


Similar to the Crab, my niece is enjoying her Seaturtle Kamik Sandals. These sandals also offer the toe guard to protect little toes!  This is great for summer adventures as well as wearing to school – closed-toe sandals are the only kind allowed to wear on the playground at many schools.

Whether at the waterpark, playground, or riding bikes at home, the Seaturtle sandal is my niece’s go-to summer shoe! It offers traction needed for secure footing no mater where her adventurous day takes her. She can wear them in the water because they are waterproof and dry quickly which means they can be her beach shoes as well as her everyday shoe.

The Seaturtle is also easy for kids to slip on with the Velcro straps. If sandals or shoes take too long to put on, my kids would complain and just go bare-footed! These Kamik sandals are so easy, kids can’t complain.  You can purchase the Seaturtle sandals for both girls and boys in toddler sizes 5-10 and children sizes 11-7 in these color choices: Blue, Purple, Magenta/Purple, Black/Lime on the Kamik website for $37.99.

My daughter choose the Match sandal from Kamik. They are very lightweight with a more open design for cool feet.

This is her go-to sandal for everyday wearing from the zoo to the playground to the beach and more. This versatile sandal is comfortable for all-day wear, providing her the support her feet need with traction and grip for biking, hiking, climbing, and even riding her scooter.

The Velcro straps offer a custom fit for any foot, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.  She likes the open air design that allows for air flow, especially with this hot summer.  You can purchase the Match sandal in toddler sizes 5-10 and children sizes 11-7 for girls and boys on the Kamik website for $39.99 in these colors: Teal, Charcoal/Lime, Navy/Blue, Navy/Magenta. 

Now is the perfect time to invest in a great pair of sandals for your child. Kamik sandals offer secure footing, stylish designs, and comfortable sandals that will take them from summer to the classroom. Also check out their rain boots and winter boots. for kids. They also offers footwear for men and women.

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