Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions Going Strong the Tasty Way!

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Now that January is finally almost over, it is time to access how our New Year’s resolutions have gone so far. If you decided this is the year to be healthier or lose weight, you are in line with 71% of America! Setting a goal is great but making small changes in our lifestyle can help us reach and sustain our healthier lifestyle. Check out how these products can help you keep those New Year’s resolutions going strong!

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Drink Coffee for Better Workouts

Did you know that coffee can actually help your workout results? You still need to hit the gym to reach your New Year’s resolution goals but drinking caffeine increases adrenaline which can stimulate energy and help you sustain intensity while working out and training.

I’ve been a fan of the family owned, Community Coffee Company for years. It is the coffee I serve to friends and family because they have good roasts and a wide variety of blends – k-cups are great to have on hand to serve everyone their favorite.

In keeping your New Year’s resolutions, Community Coffee can help you wake up fresh in the morning for those early morning workouts!  They even have a Be Bold blend with 2X Caffeine for those too-early-too-cold Winter mornings! Add a little skim milk froth and you have a gourmet coffee any time of day for a fraction of the price if you purchased out.  If you haven’t tried adding coffee to your better-you routine, give it a shot – anything that tastes this good and can help improve your workouts is a very good thing! Plus, Community Coffee is the largest family-owned and operated coffee brand in the USA, celebrating 100 years of premium coffees and teas. Buy Community Coffee at retailers nationwide and on

Drink Birch Water for Post-Gym Hydration

I talk about how water is essential for overall good health often on my blog. It is probably the easiest thing you can do to help with digestion, circulation, healthy weight, healthy skin, energized muscles, kidney health, bowel function, and more.  Get even more benefits with delicious, fresh birch water from Yönalé. Yönalé Birch Water is not a gimmick to drinking ordinary water or flavored water. It literally has 1 simple ingredient – fresh birch water. This clean, plant-based drink is sustainably-sourced from the pristine forests of Finland. It is packed with essential minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants and known to give an immune system boost which is perfect for our cold Ohio winters. Each drink comes in a portable container to be enjoyed on the go. You can also get Bilberry flavored if you want a flavored birch water drink. My family has been enjoying it at home, with packed lunches, and at the gym. It is USDA organic, non-GMO, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, low in sugar, and contains no added water or preservatives. Give yourself all the benefits of water and more this New Year. Purchase on

Eat Protein Rich Foods for Weight Loss

Protein helps keep you feeling full longer and keep cravings in check. That is why Wild Planet Foods is the perfect addition to your healthier-you resolution.My family has enjoyed the Wild Planet brand for years. I’ll never forget when my kids were first introduced to their Wild Sardines! For me, it is a tasty and easy way to  give my family the benefits of fish including protein, calcium, iron, and Omega-3s.  Plus, it is the best canned fish on the market! Just look at the large filets!

If you find yourself hungry soon after a meal or workout, grab a Wild Planet product. It’ll fill you up and keep you full longer which will help you stay true to your resolutions for weight loss and health this year.  They have canned and single-serve packs that are good at home and on-the-go. All Wild Planet foods are sustainably-sourced, contain zero added preservatives too.The Organic Roasted Chicken Breast is another great option and couldn’t be better for you! It contains only two ingredients: chicken and sea salt.

You can purchase Wild Plant food at a retailer near you and on

Treat Yourself to Clean Desserts

Don’t deprive yourself from all desserts or you’ll eventually fail and eat the whole cake!  Emmy’s Organics allows you to stay on your healthier diet while giving into your cravings for something a little sweet with clean desserts.  These tasty superfood bites come in unique indulgent flavors like Dark Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Matcha, Golden-Milk and more. They are the perfect on-the-go snack or guilt-free dessert made with premium organic ingredients like fair trade dark chocolate with no artificial ingredients or coloring. They are all certified USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free and paleo-friendly.

Purchase Emmy’s Organics on

Set yourself up for success with these delicious products this New Year. They can help you reach your goal but more importantly, they can help you stay healthier all year long. And who can complain about this afternoon treat – Community Coffee with Emmy’s Organics!

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