Kick Back and Kiss Uncomfortable Feet Goodbye with Kickrest

Picture this:  You are getting ready to watch a great movie or game on the big screen TV.  You’ve got snacks, a drink, and a friend or two at your side.  You all get comfortable on the couch, and soon realize that your feet and legs hurt from resting them on the hard coffee table.  You add pillows, but they only slide around and matte down doing only half the job.  Is there a more comfortable way to enjoy your down time?  You bet!  Get yourself a Kickrest – the original table top pillow.

What is a Kickrest?

Kickrest is a wedge pillow made for table top use.  It is designed with a memory foam core which has a firm, supportive feel to it.  No more pillows that just flatten when you put your feet on them!


The outside of the Kickrest is covered in cozy fleece.  It also has a removable fleece hood to keep feet extra warm.  The fleece cover and hood are removable and machine washable.

My Take on the Kickrest

Two words: It’s comfy!  While we have an upholstered ottoman in our family room, it isn’t the most comfortable.  Using the Kickrest on top of the ottoman not only feels more comfortable on my legs and feet, but is also warmer on them too!  I tend to have cold feet year round, so having a way to keep them cozy while relaxing is a real treat.


Kickin' back with Kickrest
Kickin’ back with Kickrest

Another nice feature is the table-griping base of the Kickrest.  This rubbery tread grabs the slippery surface of the coffee table, keeping the Kickrest comfortably in place.  My family and I also like the detachable hood/foot blanket for those chilly nights.

My mother-in-law suffers from swelling of the feet when she is on them too much.  I’m thinking what a nice gift a Kickrest would make for her.  She can elevate her feet comfortably while watches her evening television shows. Kickrest also says on their website that some people like to keep a Kickrest under their desk at work for a more comfortable, cozy place to rest their feet. That sounds like a great idea too!

Buy Kickrest

You can buy Kickrest on their website.    It comes in a variety of colors suitable for men and women.

Kickrest on Facebook

Kickrest on Twitter

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kickrest who provided the product for review.

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