Personal Storage Cloud to Remotely Store & Access Your Vacation Photos & Videos

We all take photos everyday on our smartphones. It doesn’t take long before we run out of space on our phones. If you’ve turned to online commercial cloud services like Google Drive, Google Photos, and Amazon, your photos and videos are no longer private – you are basically giving everyone access to your personal photos. I’ve found a device that give you your very own personal storage cloud without monthly access fees!

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Personal Storage Cloud for Mobile Photos & Videos for Every Shutterbug

Now you can take as many pictures of your adorable kids, cute pets, and amazing vacations without running out of space on your phone and keep them private with Kwilt Shoebox Mini.

Kwilt Shoebox Mini is easy to use. Plug it into a power supply and attach to a hard drive or thumb drive (where the images will be stored).  Download the app on your phone to safe and securely transfer your photos from your phone to your private cloud.

You can access all of your pictures from anywhere using your smartphone app or computer. You can even search for specific photos you took right from the app.

This is an amazing way to safely secure and access your precious family photos while keeping your smartphone storage space for all the games and apps your kids want to download! ha!

Plus, you have access to your photos no matter where you are. You can easily print photos at the store anytime – so no more excuses that your photos are stuck on your home computer!

Before now, I’ve used online storage for my photos. It seemed convenient and easy. However, I didn’t know that other people could see and use my photos for whatever they wanted! Yikes! This is especially scary since most smartphones attach your location to photos making it easy for people to know exactly where your photos were taken. That’s scary!

I love that Kwilt Shoebox Mini gives me peace of mind, more smartphone storage space, and access to all of my photos from wherever I am. You can purchase the Kwilt Shoebox Mini on the Kwilt website for just $59.99. This is a one-time cost with NO monthly storage fees! This makes an excellent gift for kids, teens, men and women!

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