Are You Losing Sleep Because of LED Light Bulbs??

soraa led lights good for sleep

We are a sleepless nation with 80 million American adults chronically sleep deprived. I don’t have to tell moms that, who on average lose 1-2 hours of sleep at night!  I blog about sleep often because it is crucial to our overall health. Did you know that your LED light bulbs could be contributing to your sleepless nights? According to an article on sleep by National Geographic,  could be losing on average 55 minutes of sleep per night!

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We can’t afford to lose that much sleep. Sleep depravity contributes to over 1 million auto accidents every year. If you are getting an average 6 hours or less per night of sleep, you have a higher risk of depression, psychosis, stroke, and more. This is serious stuff. There are so many factors that contribute to losing sleep at night but your light bulbs shouldn’t be one of them!

So, why are LED light bulbs causing you to lose sleep at night? Standard LED lights use blue short-wavelength lights to produce the bright light we have all been enjoying. We’ve all basically switched over to LED light because it uses only 1/5 of the electricity. Little did we know it can affect our health in a major way. LED lights can “disturb biological rhythms, and thus sleep patterns” especially when used at night according a recent article. When we use standard LED light, our bodies don’t receive the cue for our natural release of melatonin. Thus, it is harder to fall asleep.

Fall to sleep faster with blue-free LED

Sorra Healthy LED bulbs are the only LED light that emits a ‘blue-free’ spectrum.

Without interfering with the beautiful light we’ve grown to love about LED bulbs, Soraa offers a healthy solution! See the difference below.

Soraa Healthy LED bulbs will not delay your body from the rest is so desires and needs. You’ll fall asleep faster because you are allowing your body to work naturally, with the cue to fall asleep. Soraa Healthy LED bulbs do not have the blue spectrum that has the harmful physiological impact on sleep – inability to fall asleep and sleep deprivation the next day – both effects can induce serious long-term health problems.

The effects of using LED lights that emit blue light is especially disruptive to children and adolescents. Their crystalline lens in their eyes are still developing so light is even harsher on them. Of course, you still need to limit TV and screen time before bed because that also affects sleep. I switched out my 12 year old daughter’s lights in her overhead ceiling light. As you can see below, the bulb in front is still offering white light but without blue.

By making this simple switch, I hope to give my daughter a better night sleep, naturally.  She also has frequent headaches while studying in her room, so I’m hopeful that this will help her with her headaches too.  It is a beautiful light for her room with all bulbs installed.

Soraa Healthy LED can be dimmed all the way to the level of a candle too, if you have a dimmable switch. It is a good idea to switch your LED bulbs in any room that you spend in the hours before bedtime including bedrooms, nurseries, where kids do their homework, and where your family hangs out in the evening and night hours. Buy Soraa Healthy LED on Soraa website or Amazon with a 100 day risk-free trial period. If your sleep doesn’t improve, get our money back.

Natural Light LED

In other parts of your home, it is nice to have an LED that shines above the rest. Soraa Radiant LED is as natural as you can get with indoor lighting, offering a full spectrum so you can see every color as nature intended. This is the same technology that lights up some of the world’s great spaces.

Ordinary LED lighting has color gaps. They don’t show the deep reds (R9) and true whites (RW) in the color spectrum. With Soraa Radiant LED lights, you see the full spectrum of color like nature intended with pops of color!

I place Soraa Radiant LED lights in spaces that I want colors to pop, like my foyer below. The light is so inviting. It would also be perfect in the kitchen and dining room, making colors of food more lively and delicious looking.

Buy Sorra Radiant LED on Sorra website or Amazon.

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