Magnetic Buttoned Adaptive Shirts Deliver Style and Freedom for ALL

MagnaReady Adaptive Clothing Review

A white dress shirt is a travel essential that can be dressed up for a special occasion or paired with jeans for drinks with friends at a beach bar. Most of these shirts are put on one sleeve and one button at a time, but why bother with buttons if you don’t have too? Give your fingers a vacation with the MagnaReady shirt collections. Whether you always wake up late, have a medical condition or injury, or just don’t have time for minor details, you don’t have to mess with buttons anymore.

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Put on the MagnaReady Adaptive Clothing shirt, line up the front sides one over the other and click, click, click, click hidden magnets button it for you.

MagnaReady Adaptive Shirt

The difficult cuff button is solved too, those are magnetized as well. This easy-wear shirt is also machine washable and anti-wrinkle.

Do you know a person that has difficulty buttoning their shirt? Maybe they suffer from Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, a recent hand or arm injury, or maybe koumpounophobia? These are serious conditions that can limit their the ability to dress himself. The frustration of limited mobility or dexterity and not being able to fasten buttons is not only a reminder of their condition but a time-consuming problem that takes away independence, self confidence, and self esteem. There is no need to start sewing Velcro onto shirts or other gadgets to help fasten buttons. Give the gift of independence and a quality dress shirt with MagnaReady Adaptive Clothing.

MagnaReady Adaptive Shirt

Magna Ready is a life saver for those with difficulty fastening buttons. Getting dressed shouldn’t be stressful, living with these conditions is hard enough. Magna Ready shirts for men and women look like any other high quality dress shirt but it has a secret. The shirts are magnetic infused. Simply put the shirt on, line up the front sides where the buttons are and let the shirt click into place. The hidden magnets “button” the shirt up for you, hassle free. Nobody will even know it’s magnetic as it appears as an ordinary button up shirt.

Plus, the difficult cuff buttons are also magnetized! There is no need to retrofit your current shirts or fight with buttons any longer. The freedom and dignity that Magna Ready gives is priceless. Pick up a crisp white dress shirt like ours first – it is the travel essential every man needs – taking him from the business meeting to special occasion to casual paired with jeans.

Your man will look sharp in a Magna Ready shirt without worries. Choose from two styles – white and striped oxford for women.

Plus, Magna Ready shirts are machine washable, stain resistant, and wrinkle free – making it a top choice for everyone. MagnaReady shirts were designed to help the disabled get dressed without stress but they are great for everyone! It makes getting ready in a hurry a cinch. And don’t worry, the magnets keep your shirts securely closed, they are strong magnets! Perfect for the frequent traveler, these shirts are quality shirts for every man or women in your life. They even have MagnaReady adaptive shirts for boys.

You can purchase adaptive clothing for men, women, and boys including dress shirts, pants, polos, short sleeve, ties, and more on the MagnaReady website.

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