Get 30°F Cooler Instantly with MISTPRO – Summer Travel Must-Have!

MISTPRO 3™ is the hand-held personal mister review (2)

The hot and humid days of summer are almost here. Soon, you’ll hear cries of “it’s too hot to –fill-in-the-blank-” by kids and adults alike. I personally love it hot and don’t feel like we get enough hot days in Ohio. However, when we travel to places like Death Valley, it can get too hot fast! Whether you are hiking or going to the park at home or traveling to a hotter destination this summer for your family vacation, there is one product that you must have on hand – the MISTPRO 3™!

Order the MISTPRO 3 now because you are going to love it and use it all the time this summer. I promise! It is a hand-held personal mister that delivers a continuous ultra-fine mist that cools the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F! It is ultra-slim and lightweight so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go – to the park, to the playground, fishing, sporting events, camping, at the beach, and on vacation.  You can easily slip it in your purse or bag to keep with you at all times.

It doesn’t require batteries, charging, or anything because a little human power – you simply pump it up to build up the pressure by pulling the pump out of the bottom of the mister.

It is that easy. Fill it with distilled water (preferred) and go!  You won’t get drenched, you’ll get cooled off by the ultra-fine mist. The MISTPRO 3 utilizes that pressurized air to atomize the liquid water into micro-particles that flash-evaporates to dramatically cool you down – way more than just ordinary water.  It is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors this summer no matter how hot and muggy it gets.  

Even if it isn’t summer, 66% of us ladies will experience hot flashes whether from perimenopause, menopause,or even after starting chemotherapy, surgery, and stressful situations. MISTPRO 3 is an effective and discrete way to cool off from hot flashes too. Keep it in your purse!

Even your furry friends will enjoy the cooling off benefits of MISTPRO 3! Our dog, Cali loves the cool mist!

Check out how it works here:

You can purchase the MISTPRO 3 on the Misty Mate website and on

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