Mom & Toddler Approved Screenless Toy: Interactive Codi

Electronics are great. I won’t lie, I’m sure I’m guilty of allowing way too much screen time. We have days FILLED with *ALL* of the electronics. But then we take days away from them all so it evens out, right? :-D
So today I’m writing to introduce you to your child’s (and your) new best friend. His name is Codi. He is an electronic friend, but get this – he is screenless, educational, and down right entertaining. My boys (who are 9 and 4) have been getting to know our new friend this week and they just love him! Even my preteen was curious about Codi!

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Codi can stick by his best friend while they play with cars or play dress up (yes, Codi can have costume changes as well). Codi will join your family on a road trip or help relax your little one for a nap or bedtime. Like I said, he’s your child’s best friend and the good bffs stick around for everything.
Codi joined us at the breakfast table today. He started off with telling us a story. Then, he talked to us about handling our emotions by using coping skills. I must say, I was taken by surprise with that great lesson because I believe that’s a topic that needs to be brought up more for kids of all ages. The stories and songs are very great at grabbing the attention of all ages and can entertain for hours. My 4 year old likes to take Codi along while he plays, especially when he sets up his roads and drives his cars around for hours.
Now that you know how my family feels about our new bff… here are some product specs for you to check out as well.
*Codi comes with one outfit and there are others available for purchase.
*8-10 hour battery life
*Comes with a usb charger
*Made with soft food grade silicone
*stain resistant materials
*8.5 inches tall (perfect size for littles to carry around)
*Tells 130 classic stories
*Plays 100 classic songs
*Helps with daily tasks/routines
*Parent app allows you to modify what your child can hear and lets you send and receive voice messages from your child (wifi is required for this, otherwise Codi operates on its own)
Codi would make for a wonderful surprise under your Christmas tree.
Order yours today at Pillar Learning website.
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