No More Sleeping Issues with the NovosBed Memory Foam Mattress!

The worse advice I was ever given was that the kind of mattress you get for your child doesn’t matter, get the cheapest. This is far from the truth, I learned the hard way. Children need proper support and cushion for their developing bodies – we all need support for a good night’s sleep. When kids don’t get proper support, it can lead to spinal problems later. Sleepless night can cause social, developmental, and emotional issues for kids and adults.

My son has had difficulty falling asleep for a very long time. In fact, his doctor suggested taking a sleep aid on occasion for this, which I am not in favor of. We did all the right steps including sound machines, diet, bathing, no screen time, etc to nurture a good sleep environment.

It wasn’t until we were introduced to the NovosBed that my son has finally been able to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night, every single night. You can imagine how amazing this is for him – no more stress about falling asleep! For that reason alone, I recommend the support and comfort of the memory foam mattresses from NovosBed, but there is even more!

419841_407433422616509_1819478260_nI received product to facilitate this post.

NovosBed Memory Foam Mattresses

There are many reasons to choose NovosBed memory foam mattresses for your family.

  1. No Risk – when making an investment, it is always reassuring to have a 100% no-risk guarantee. NovosBedoffers a free 2-way shipping, 120 night trial with every mattress. Believe me, once you sleep one night on a NovosBed, you won’t want to sleep on anything else!
  2. NovosBed Prices are Unmatched – Most are half the price of comparable mattresses, most are under $1,000! NovosBed mattresses and pillows prices are unmatched (online & in store) – 25 year warranty
  3. Made in USA – for higher quality and greater testing (CertiPUR-US® tested and approved)
  4. FREE shipping in the USA

NovosBed Review

My first surprise was the shipment of the NovosBed. It ships free, which is amazing but I was also surprised at the size of the box it came in! Below is a queen size mattress in a box!

Novosbed-boxWe took it out of the box, enclosed in the plastic.Novosbed4Once we opened the plastic bag, the mattress started expanding!Novosbed1It opened up into a full, queen size bed. I love that receiving and setting up the mattress took no time or effort at all!  It is recommended to use NovosBed on a bed base of wide wooden slates or a box spring that can accommodate the weight of the person and mattress. Since my son is young, this is not an issue for us.Novosbed2NovosBed offers the right mattress for your needs including a firm Classic, soft Aria, a firm fast response Sonata, and the medium-soft Sonata.

We received the NovosBed Harmony with a firmness comparable to a medium-soft spring or foam mattress. It is a faster response memory foam that conforms to your body quickly. It is 11″ thick for supreme comfort and support which includes gel foam, memory foam, and support foam.

I tested the Harmony NovosBed out for myself while my son was on a couple camp outs. I slept like a baby! I love that the NovosBed eliminates pressure points and promotes good sleeping posture. My back has hurt with previous mattresses, so I know the difference between a good, supportive mattress and one that isn’t. No wonder my son is sleeping so well, it is like sleeping on a well-conformed cloud!NovosbedI feel so good knowing that my son is sleeping on a well supportive, comfortable mattress. It is giving him the support and sleep he needs for his growing body. I know this bed is going to take them through his childhood and into adult-hood with the 25 year warranty too.boysbedroomNovosBed also sells supportive memory foam pillows.  NovosBed pillows are high quality memory foam pillows that keep their shape for years. They offer a variety of shapes and sizes to give you the perfect support, based on how you sleep and firmness you desire. They fit ordinary pillow cases. (Company Kids pillow case and bedding shown.)pillow2
Consider upgrading your mattresses to Novosbed mattresses. They offer high quality mattresses at about 1/2 the price of comparable mattresses. There is no risk, if you don’t like it, ship it back within 120 days with free shipping, no questions asked.

Order now to get your NovosBed in time for Christmas! Orders are processed from Pennsylvania and ship to you within 1-6 days.  Plus, order by Black Friday and receive 2 FREE pillows with the purchase of any queen or king size mattress.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to NovosBed who provided the product for review.

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