Only 3 Gifts Dads need this Father’s Day

Father’s Day doesn’t seem to get as much attention as Mother’s Day, which is sad. They are the heroes of our family, work hard, and deserve the love and appreciation everyday but especially Father’s Day.  Showing Dad that love is easier than we make it out to be sometimes.  Before you hit the stores, check out our ideas that are sure to put a big smile on his face on Father’s Day and throughout the year.

Rest for Dad

Dads are our heroes. Always there to fix something (or us) when it’s broken, pick us up when we are stranded, or remind us how much we are capable of. They work hard at being our role models and a rock-solid source of support. Though even heroes need their rest, making sure your Dad has enough sleep and time to put his feet up will help keep him happy and healthy. This is especially true as Dad ages, sleep and proper neck and head support while sleeping become increasingly important as he ages.

May I suggest treating Dad to a supportive memory foam pillow that promotes proper alignment while he snoozes from My Panda Life?

The Panda London pillow isn’t like the original memory foam pillows, this is 3rd generation that offers unique support that fits every dad’s needs to perfectly align dad’s neck and spine while he sleeps. It doesn’t lose its shape or density overnight. This memory foam bamboo pillow is highly breathable and what that means for dad is that the pillow will remain cool with airflow while he sleeps for a comfortable night’s sleep for years to come.

This memory foam pillow is covered in a super soft-on-the-skin bamboo pillow cover that your dad will love.  The Panda will ensure he wakes up in the best of moods. For brownie points, breakfast in bed on Father’s Day always goes down well!

Quality Time for Dad

Life goes so fast, days, weeks, and months pass without us realizing how little quality time we are spending together. This goes for the dad of your kids as well as your dad or grandfather. Think about what you and your dad love doing together.  Maybe it’s a long walk or drive through Amish Country or to the lake. For kids, maybe it’s snuggling up on the sofa with a movie. You know your dad and what you both enjoy doing. Make the effort to enjoy quality time together on Father’s Day and plan to do these activities well after Father’s Day as a continued gift.  This Father’s day if you are lucky enough to be able to spend it together, make the most of every moment.

Give Dad 3 Magic Words

This gift never goes out of style no matter what your age or the age of your dad. If there are three words your Dad wants to hear more than anything else this Father’s Day,  it’s a simple “I love you”. It’s so easy to get caught up in finding the perfect gift that we overlook what matters most. Showing your Dad how much he means to you needn’t come wrapped in a fancy box. It can be a simple message from your heart to his, whether it comes by phone, card or in person, saying those three words are sure to make his day one to remember.

Above all, on Father’s Day, show Dad how much you love and appreciate him. That’s all he wants. Happy Father’s Day!

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