Portable Kids Speaker Your Need – Jooki

Jooki is the newest portable speaker that your kids will be thrilled to have! It comes in an appealing orange and blue color scheme and it’s a nice size that can be carried easily. It has become our soundtrack for the summer while playing outside!

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Shortly after I took Jooki out of the box, my five-year-old wandered into the room and his eyes lit up while he asked, “What’s that!?” He was thrilled when I told him it was our new speaker. I explained to him that the two tokens had music on them and that was all he needed to know. He stayed and watched while I finished charging and testing it out.

For littles with sensitive ears (or just parents who don’t like loud music), Jooki comes with an automatically lower sound level. Parents can override this if they choose. I didn’t even have a chance to connect the bluetooth right away. That’s because my 5-year-old was immediately carrying it around enjoying the prerecorded music. He has excitedly shown it to his siblings, aunt, and grandparents. He’s probably even shared it with the dog by now. It rarely left his side for two straight days. Yes, he even put it next to him at bedtime.

I love that Jooki has the prerecorded music. Even better is that you can set up the tokens with your own music options.


It’s perfect because it can be used anywhere, anytime. There’s no NEED to connect to wifi, bluetooth, etc. At the same time, it is a great added bonus that we can connect to a phone or tablet via bluetooth so that we can play whatever we want – and that’s going to be a lot of Encanto when the 5-year-old chooses.

Nowadays, there are so many electronics in most homes and yes, a lot of them can play music. But it’s a nice (and often needed) change to have music options on the go without a screen to distract or take away from the moment.

Our Jooki has been entertaining us while playing video games, yard games, having a snack, and getting ready for bed. Great for home, and great for on the go. Jooki is the must have speaker for all. It is especially great for little ones, as it is durable and easy for little hands to carry on their own.

Jooki comes with two programmable, prerecorded tokens but you can purchase additional tokens or animal figurines to add a variety of ready-to-go playlists for your family. No need to fuss over batteries as Jooki comes with a USB-C charger cord. Check out Jooki today to bring some new musical joy to your family.

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