Protect your kids from the harmful sun with EZ Shade Portable Umbrella Curtain

With these past few beautiful sunny days in Northeast Ohio I am totally getting anxious for Summer’s arrival and everything (gadgets) that comes with warmer weather.  Now that I am a mom and have kiddos with the same fair skin, I kind of look at being outside in the sun a little differently.  Every summer that I can remember I would get burnt being out in the sun, and when I say burnt I mean beet red, peeling, blistering skin and painful sleepless nights.  Even with the highest SPF sun block I still would get burned which is just really sad. I don’t want my kids to have the same painful experiences this summer.

EZ Shade® The only portable umbrella curtain Review

With so many fun outdoor activities we have planned this summer I really was super excited to stumble upon the EZ Shade® umbrella curtain to help keep my family safe from harmful sun rays. I really want T-boy and J-Girl to learn at an early age that taking care of their skin is important and the EZ Shade® is a fun way to get the kids involved! At the end of the Summer last year I bought an umbrella on clearance (I am a sucker for red tag clearance stickers) so I would be prepared for this year but now that I have the perfect umbrella accessory I will be completely ready to tackle the sun.

The perfect sun safety accessory

I am pretty excited for our trip to the beach this Summer now that I won’t have to worry about keeping my family out of the harmful sun! Another cool thing about the EZ Shade® umbrella curtain is it was invented by a fellow mom who was sick of worrying about the sun and wanted to spend that time enjoying her children and watch them safely play.

EZ Shade is the perfect outdoor summer accessory!

Things I love about the EZ Shade® umbrella curtain

  • UPF 50+ blocks over 99% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Attaches instantly to any umbrella or canopy with peel and stick hook strips
  • Adjustable to help fit any umbrella size
  • Reduces wind as well by being able to weight down the bottom with sand, water bottles or anything nearby.
  • Weighs only 9 oz. (1 panel)
  • Available in 3 vibrant colors (blue, red, green)
  • Compact size tote perfect for storing in the glove compartment, diaper bag, beach bag etc
  • No more wasting time moving blankets, chairs to hide from the sun!

Buy EZ Shade Umbrella Curtain

You can buy the EZ Shade Umbrella Curtain on

If you are looking for a better, safer solution for the sun this summer for your active family then the new EZ Shade® is just what you need! For more information please visit to learn about other Solar Eclipz products available.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Solar Eclipz who provided the products for review.

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