Reusable Bags for Food Storage

It seems like we are all eating a lot more lately. With less dining out and the recommendation to shop less often, we end up with a lot more food to handle in our kitchens.  I know my fridge and cabinets have been packed from buying larger quantities! I’ve found a solution in Smelly Proof bags, a product I’ve used for quite some time.

Instead of shoving in rigid lid-containers or weak produce bags, I transfer items into Smelly Proof bags. These bags are DURABLE but also easily cleaned and disinfected with alcohol wipe or warm soapy water.  I clean and place all of my fresh produce in Smelly Proof bags before putting in my refrigerator. I feel so much better using these bags than putting other containers in my refrigerator.

The name says it all but Smelly Proof bags are also ‘smelly proof’ so you can keep your refrigerator fresh even with items like cut onions and garlic.  Which also makes these bags good while camping this summer!

Speaking of taking food out of the house, these bags are also germ resistant for food and your personal belonging when you have to leave your house for work or other essential reasons. The bags are puncture and tear resistant.This prevents vapor and oxygen from getting into the bag.

Many of us are stocking up on items too. If you purchase a larger size box of rice, cereal, etc and it is too big and bulky to place in your cabinet, use Smelly Proof bags. They keep everything fresh and in sizes more suitable for everyday uses.

Earth Day is coming up tomorrow. This is a practical and economical product that you can use daily to help the environment.  Just clean and reuse instead of tossing away other brand bags that are thin and can’t be reused. These are really strong, good bags to have on hand.They are also leak and waterproof.

Find out more about Smelly Proof bags and order on the Smelly Proof website.

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