Safe & Organic Cleaning with BabyGanic Products Review

Having a clean house is pretty important to me and with kids, pets, husbands too…it can be a challenge at times having a clean home. Something about a fresh clean smelling house makes me feel good deep down inside although lately I have been wondering why the fresh smelling products I have been using for years are starting to make me nauseous when I use them!?  I knew I needed to find a product that would still give me the clean smell I desired but the peace of mind that the vapors and residue wouldn’t harm the people/pets in my family.

People Friendly, Earth Friendly BabyGanics

I came across BabyGanics® while out shopping one day and thought they were nice but pretty pricey for cleaning products and went on my way.  When J-Girl was a newborn and until she could walk I really never thought about the effects of the cleaning products I was using.  Once she was more mobile and inquisitive I knew that the time had come to evaluate what was brought into our home to keep it clean. BabyGanic products was the answer to our cleaning woes!  Their natural non-toxic cleaners are a perfect solution for healthier, cleaner homes.

BabyGanics Naturally Safe & Non-Toxic Cleaners

BabyGanics Product Review

Making the switch from the household cleaners that I have been using since I was a teenager to BabyGanics® had me a bit nervous at first…just being honest!  :)   For me to take the time to clean my house I want it to smell like it is clean and I wasn’t sure if the natural organic cleaners that BabyGanics® offers would live up to my expectations.  Lucky for me they didn’t let me down!

I absolutely love their products and although they are little more expensive than what I normally would spend on cleaning products I am glad that I made the switch!  I started out with 3 products that I use the most for cleaning throughout the week, Tub & Tile Cleaner in Lavender scent, The Grime Fighter All-Purpose Cleaner also in the lovely Lavender scent and then we tried their Foaming Unscented Hand Soap in the kids bathroom.

5 Things I love about BabyGanics Tub & Tile Cleaner

  • the lavender scent is perfectly balanced-not overwhelming and it made cleaning enjoyable with the sweet fragrance
  • less is more- the generous 32 oz has lasted for many deep cleanings and I have found that I don’t need to use so much since it does such a great job of cleaning
  • safe on the nickel faucets/hardware in the bathtub and sink
  • sparkling clean-no chemical residue is left behind so baths can be after cleaning without worrying what is still on tile and tub
  • multi uses-I use this one bottle for almost everything in my bathroom (except mirrors)
    BabyGanics Tub & Tile Cleaner put to work in my bathroom!
5 Things I love about BabyGanics The Grime Fighter All-Purpose Household Cleaner

  • the lavender scent is great for all rooms in your home from the kitchen to bathroom and rooms in between!
  • less is more- the generous 32 oz has gone a long way for small and large cleanups
  • the safe and non-toxic formula is gentle enough for J-Girl to be around while I clean up
  • have dirt, will clean!  I use this All-Purpose cleaner on EVERYTHING!  kitchen counters, high chairs, baseboards, light switch covers etc.
  • I feel comfortable with T-boy who is almost 9 using it if need be since it uses plant based ingredients it is isn’t poisonous and it is great for helping him learn to clean up as well.
    BabyGanics All-Purpose Cleaner is great for kitchen counters and won't leave a harsh chemical residue

5 Things I love about BabyGanics Foaming Hand Soap

  • unscented-no nauseating smells that linger on little ones skin hours after washing their hands
  • naturally safe and gentle formula perfect for J-Girl and her sensitive baby skin
  • foaming action makes it fun for little ones…great for introducing hand washing to little ones!
  • washes away easily with no sticky residue left behind
  • everyone in the family will love this soap-hubby loves it because it isn’t girly smelling!!
    T-boy loved the super foaming action of BabyGanics Fragrance Free, Fine & Handy Soap
If you are like me and are wanting to make sure you are cleaning with safe products for your home and loved ones then I would suggest you trying BabyGanics.  BabyGanics products are worth the price to me knowing that I am not putting my earth and family’s health in jeopardy while maintaining a sparkling clean home!
For more information on BabyGanics

For more information on all the wonderful products BabyGanics has to offer for your home please visit their website to purchase products, special offers and much more!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to BabyGanics®  who provided the products for review.


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