Setting a Delicious Example This National Coconut Day with Dignity Coconuts

There’s a special day on the horizon that you might not know about. It combines two of my favorite things: the yummy, nutritious goodness of coconuts and the opportunity to instill values of social responsibility and empathy in our kids. Did you guess it?! National Coconut Day is coming up on June 26th, and I’m thrilled to tell you about a unique way we can celebrate.
Teachable Moments with Dignity Coconuts.

We all want to set good examples for our children, right? One company I’ve come across has been doing that in the most amazing way. They’re called Dignity Coconuts, and they’re not just about delicious coconut products. Their mission is to provide fair wages and job opportunities in the coconut industry, aiming to combat financial insecurity, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking. They are changing lives one coconut at a time.

This isn’t just a company, it’s a beacon of hope for struggling communities. So far, they’ve helped 156 families escape poverty, given 114 people stable jobs, and provided education and life-skills training. Beyond this, they’ve also set up medical and dental clinics, delivered clean water to families, and offered support to those hit by typhoons and COVID.

And this is where our delicious teachable moment comes in.
On National Coconut Day, Dignity Coconuts is giving a 15% discount on their products for 24 hours. Now, we all know how much our families love their coconut goodies. But imagine your kids learning that their favorite coconut product is also helping a child in the Philippines go to school, have clean drinking water, or their parents secure a good job.

As moms, we can make an ordinary purchase into an extraordinary lesson about caring for others and supporting sustainable practices. This is a chance to demonstrate to our children that their choices, no matter how small they seem, can make a huge difference in the world.
Join the Dignity Movement

So, my fellow moms, let’s use this National Coconut Day to not only relish in the deliciousness of coconuts but also to showcase the power of responsible purchasing. Every product from Dignity Coconuts we bring into our homes is a testament to our commitment to fostering empathy, advocating for social justice, and promoting healthy and conscious living.

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