Travel with Your Dog without Pet Hair Worries

We love traveling with our dog but hate leaving a trail of dog hair behind. Even though we brush our dog often, I feel bad taking her to friends, family, or hotels because she sheds a lot, especially when she’s nervous while traveling.

Dog hair get everywhere and there is little you can do about it…until now. Shed Defender is an amazing product that your dog can wear to a hotel, in the car, or during a visit at a friend’s house without the worry of dog hair.  Shed Defender is a comfortable dog onsie that your dog wears, keeping the dog hair at bay!

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My friend has a seeing-eye guide dog so she encounters dog hair issues often. Shed Defender is to the rescue! Now, her guide dog wears Shed Defender whenever she visits a clinic that has a dog hair allergy, when she visits friends and family, and sometimes when she goes to the office.  Her dog looks adorable, almost like she’s in her pjs or ready for a scuba dive!

The fabric is lightweight so it can be worn year-round. The breathable material keeps your pet comfortable and cool. My friend’s dog doesn’t mind wearing Shed Defender at all, in fact many dogs find the onsie soothing and calming as it gently hugs them with a gentle pressure – think weighted blanket.  Many people put Shed Defender on their dog to reduce anxiety while traveling, during thunderstorms, or even if they have an itch or rash that they want to prevent them from biting – a way better alternative to the cone of shame!

The underside of the dog’s belly has an easy to zip and unzip zipper to allow your dog to ‘do her business’ quickly. It’s super easy to put on and take off, once you’ve done it once. I actually took it off the dog for the first time in a crowded restaurant, it was super easy. Another small but important touch is that it comes with a bag, made of the same fabric. Once you are done with the Shed Defender, slip it in to keep all the dog hair contained. It is also easy to keep on hand with you in the bag for impromptu visits.

The Shed Defender comes in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate every dog. My friend was glad that she sized up to the next size bigger for her dog because it fit perfectly.  Plus, it is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Buy Shed Defender on the Shed Defender website or Amazon now. You’ll be so glad you did – and so will the hotels and friends you visit because you won’t leave a trail of dog hair behind!!

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