Give Your Child a SPIbelt to Keep their Cell Phone Secure while Traveling

More kids than ever have their own cell phone.  69% of 11-14 year olds, 31% between 8-10, and 85^ of 14-17 year olds. Taking care of an expensive cell phone is hard, especially for younger kids. One drop and it’s broken. It is even harder to keep kids from losing their cell phone, especially while traveling! I’ve found an easy solution for keeping phones secure from accidental drops and from being lost with the SPIbelt.

belt bag for kids phones

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SPIbelts are perfect for keeping your child’s phone secure against their body without the fear of them losing the phone or dropping it. Although the SPIblets are small, the material is stretchy so you can hold a LOT of personal items in them. Some can even fit a large iPhone7 or Samsung Note Series phone!

SPIbelts come in kid sizes as well as grown-up sizes in many fun designs and colors.  Kids of all ages and sizes can wear SPIbelt and choose from fun designs and colors.

My daughter loves her Graffiti Kids’ SPIbelt.

As you can see, there is plenty of room in the SpIbelt for her cell phone with room to spare!

SPIbelt was originally a fitness belt to be worn while exercising – you can easily fit your phone, keys, and small snack in them. Now, many people wear them to keep items secure while running every day errands, exercising, wearing clothes with no pockets, and especially travel. SPIbelts keep everything secure against your body and bounce-free even while active.

If you have an older kid or teen, you may want to order an adult-size SPIbelt like my son’s Camo Adult SPIbelt.

The waistband is adjustable so it will grow with your child/teen if you choose the adult size. As you can see, there is plenty of room for his phone and more in the SPIbelt. Notice how flexible the material is – it really stretches!spibelt belt bag for kids phones

My kids have worn SPIbelts for years to keep their insulin pumps secure while doing all sorts of things like ziplining! They also use it for their cell phones! You can use SPIbelts for all sorts of things for so many activities. If you have an EpiPen or inhauler, it is great for that as well!

spibelt insulin pump belt

Give your kids the tool to keep their expensive cell phone secure without getting lost with a SPIbelt. It is so nice to have! Shop your favorite design on the SPIbelt website for kids and adults – they have many, many sizes and styles for every body and activity.

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