Winter is Not Over Yet – Enjoy it with a Spoon Sled!

spoon sled review

Winter is not over yet. Even though it will be 70° on Friday, it will be back down in the 30s on Sunday! This crazy weather requires us to be prepared with a variety of clothing, jackets and coats from day to day. We were surprised by a quick 2-day snow storm last week and were thrilled to test our the new SLEDSTERZ Spoon Sled that we received to review.

The Spoon Sled is unlike any other sled we’ve encountered – and we’ve had a huge variety over the years! The folks at Geospace are amazing when it comes to creative and active play toys for kids! The Spoon Sled actually resembles a double spoon as it nestles your body into the aft of the spoon.  It’s comfortable to sit in with your feet in the front portion of the spoon.  The Spoon Sled is great for both kids and adults for those of us young-at-heart. spoon sled review
I’ve said this many times before but it is worth repeating: Play with your kids! Seriously, you and your kids will have so much more fun if you are playing with them instead of watching them while checking your emails and Facebook on your phone.

I personally LOVE sledding and playing in the snow. In fact, I broke one of my kids’ plastic saucer sleds this winter on one of those extra cold days with a windchill of almost 0! It started to fly away and I stomped my foot on it to catch it. It cracked a little and then a LOT when I slid down the hill. Let me just tell you that your body stops FAST when the sled breaks in two underneath you, even while speeding down a hill.

I tell you this story for a couple reasons:
1) If I didn’t tell you, you are sure to hear about it from my kids because they love to retell the hilarious story – this is a memory that will last forever! ha!

2) The cheap saucer sled is nothing like the Spoon Sled. The Spoon Sled feels really sturdy, made with super-touch polypropylene.

Check out our list of sledding hills in the Greater Akron area here for the next snow storm!


Be prepared for the next snow storm this year as we are bound to get more snow in Ohio! It is always good to have a quality sled ready because if you wait until a snow storm hits, it is impossible to find a good sled at the store. You can buy the Spoon Sled on the Geospace website for $24.99 and on

Also, get ready for Spring with exciting new toys for active play with these Geospace Play toys.

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