Accidents Happen STAINMASTER PetProtect will #UnShameYourPet

Have you walked into a home where pets rule? You know the kind where it smells like pets and stains are all over the carpet? When your kids play on the carpet, they look like they grew a layer of hair on their clothes. It is disgusting and shameful.

STAINMASTER-UnShameYourPetFor many of us, our pets are like family but they don’t need to lower your standards of a clean, beautiful home…however accidents happen…but pet shamming doesn’t solve the problem (although good for a laugh).

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We installed STAINMASTER carpet when we had an aging dog and a puppy that wasn’t housebroken.  Sounds crazy, right?!

Our pets are like family, we play with them and enjoy their company. Our living room is where our kids roll around on the floor and play with our dogs. I resisted the urge to block off the living room even though I knew there were pending pet accidents on the way…I took STAINMASTER at their word for resisting stains and odors.

Our puppy Roxy was not fully housebroken. We found many wet spots – and worse during the first several months after the STAINMASTER carpeting was installed. I felt like putting a pet shamming sign around her neck a few times, especially when she would mess on the carpet right after coming inside from being outside!

Of course I hated that our beautiful new carpet was soiled on but I didn’t worry because I knew it would clean up well – it was STAINMASTER after all. A year later and our STAINMASTER carpet looks as good as the day it was installed!

Our dogs on Lowe's Stainmaster Carpet
Our dogs on STAINMASTER Carpet

Our aging dog, Arnold was on his last leg when we installed the carpeting, so he had quite a few accidents too, including getting sick on the carpet.  It wasn’t his fault and there was absolutely not pet shamming for him.  :(

STAINMASTER PetProtect Carpet for Pet Lovers

STAINMASTER PetProtect is a new carpet system designed to be durable, easy-to-clean and even release pet hair when vacuumed. Sounds like a pet owners’ dream come true!


I’ve been to homes where pets rule and it smells like it too. Their carpets smell and stained. Believe me, it is embarrassing, I’ve been there! When we moved into this house, it smelled like cat urine and there were many stains. I don’t know how many times I shampooed the old carpeting to just try to get it decent looking. I wouldn’t let my baby niece and nephews crawl on the floors without putting a blanket down.

Since installing STAINMASTER carpet, our puppy welcomes people with a friendly lick instead of a house of smelly, stained up carpeting. The STAINMASTER carpet cushion barrier is amazing, it keeps all the pet messes and spills from soaking into the cushion – thus allowing you to clean the carpet thoroughly without residual stains and lingering odors. The first time I cleaned the carpet was incredible, I finally understood why I couldn’t get the old stains in the old carpet out, it was soaked into the carpet pad – and subfloor. This is not the case with STAINMASTER carpet and padding, it is easily cleaned up off the carpet because it doesn’t go any further than that!

The new STAINMASTER PetProtect is perfect for families that consider their pets like family but still want to maintain pride in their home. Besides being easier to thoroughly clean, STAINMASTER PetProtect also easily releases pet hair when vacuumed.  In laboratory testing, more pet hair was vacuumed off STAINMASTER PetProtect than the majority of other carpeting tested.

If your kids play on the floor with your puppy and end up covered in hair when they are done, you need a better system! Having carpet that helps with the pet hair problem is a must whether you have a pet with short or long hair. Vacuuming the carpeting is easier when the carpeting releases the pet hair.

Our beloved Arnold has gone onto Doggy Heaven. Our puppy Roxy is fully housebroken, although her naughty side comes out when our kids eat snacks in the living room. She cannot resist helping herself to their snacks! She especially goes after my youngest for easier reach of snacks – just look at her tongue reaching for that cookie!


Needless to say, this has caused many accidents of spilled bowls, cups, and snacks. Thankfully, these spills are easily cleaned up as well. What a naughty puppy, don’t you lover her dog shamming sign as she is caught in the act!?

We still have our master bedroom and guest room to carpet. Since Roxy spends a lot of time in our bedroom, it only makes sense to put a carpet like STAINMASTER PetProtect in there too. When I put carpeting in my home, I don’t want it to be ruined with a couple pet stains that never go away. I want it to look new and fresh years later as it was when installed. I don’t want to look at the stain everyday and resent my dog for making it.

If you have a pet that isn’t housebroken or is mischievous, STAINMASTER PetProtect is going to save you tons of headaches while keeping your home presentable. It will un-shame your home and #UnShameYourPet at the same time.

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