Sweat Proof T-shirts Guaranteed to Eliminate 100% of Underarm Sweat Stains

social citizen sweat proof shirt review

Everyone sweats but some of us sweat more than others and it can be a huge confidence destroyer and even limit our professional opportunities, social engagements, and more. The good news is that if you suffer from excessive sweating – sweat through your shirts quickly leaving your shirt wet, stained and ugly, I have a product you NEED. It’s called Social Citizen Social Tees – with Social Tees, you can be social again with confidence because their t-shirts come with HIDDEN sweat pads.

This is a sponsored review post.

Sweat Proof T-shirts

#1 The Social Citizen sweat proof shirts work – they completely stop underarm sweat and stains from showing. (I’ve thrown so many of my husband’s shirts out of the years because of stains!)

#2 You can’t tell it’s a special ‘sweat t-shirt’ like other brands because the sweat pads are completely hidden!

sweat proof execssive sweat shirt

Whether you are a woman or a man, Social Citizen has a t-shirt for you without visible puffy seams.

Sweat Proof T-shirts Sweat Proof T-shirts

Social Citizen sweat-proof t-shirts not only look like a great-looking t-shirt but they are also super comfortable to wear. The material is buttery soft, it’ll quickly become your favorite t-shirt for all of the reasons above! My husband said compared to other sweat proof shirts, this brand is a lot more comfortable to wear and feel like a regular shirt.

There are underarm pads built on the inside of the shirt- that’s where the magic happens – but nobody can see them because on the outside of the shirt, it looks like an ordinary t-shirt. Once you put it on and start wearing it, you won’t notice the underarm pads at all when you wear it. It’s comfortable, like an ordinary t-shirt.

social citizen sweat proof shirt review

Warmer months are around the corner, if you sweat a lot, you know what that use to mean! Now, it means wearing one of the comfortable and confidence-building t-shirts from Social Citizen! But don’t wait to start wearing them in warmer weather – they are great as an undershirt now too.

Start shopping for your fashionable sweat proof shirts now on the Social Citizen website. I suggest starting off with a 3-pack of black, gray, and white for men and women.


Our company makes t-shirts with sweat pads hidden in the underarm that completely stop underarm sweat stains from showing. Unlike other brands that sell sweat proof undershirts with visible puffy seams, ours are meant to be used as a fashionable outfit. They help tons of people with their confidence

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