Technology + Game Night = Family Fun (Camera Roll Review)

You may have a hard time getting kids, especially tweens and teens playing board games. They want to be on their phones or tablets. However, if you combine technology with game night, you might have a fighting chance!  We’ve had family game night since my kids were toddlers, it has evolved through the years and not as often as I’d like now that they are teens. I can’t entice them with a boring game like I can a new, fun came like Endless Games’ Camera Roll.

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Honestly, I wasn’t sure how fun it would be searching on our own phones for photos for a game. Wouldn’t that defeat the point of family game night – with everyone on their phones? Absolutely not, not with Camera Roll. Camera Roll was designed to take a cell phone into an interactive, integral part of a board game.

I read that Camera Roll is top trending with the VSCO girl demographic so I thought my 14 year old girl would love it and I was right. We sat down to try it out between the two of us.  There are 288 Subject and Search Up cards where you look for the best image on your phone or online that matches the phrase. Then, you vote on whose is best. It is actually quite fast-paced as you scroll through the different photos, events, and dates of your camera searching for something you know you have taken a picture of some time!

I love the fast paced part of the game but I didn’t expect the squealing (mostly me) and excitement of the thrill of the hunt for the pictures before the other person. Being a mom, I should have expected the oohhs and aahhs of the photos I found throughout the years of my kids as I scrolled searching for the best photo. Of course then we were caught up in the joy of looking at those pictures, sharing memories of where the photo was taken, and of course, lots of laughs.

My son and husband were playing chess while we started Camera Roll together. By the end, we roped the boys in on the game, first to judge whose photos were best and then to search their own phones!  For serious players, you can award points, but for us, the fun was all in the search and sharing of pictures.

The next sleepover that my daughter had, she pulled out Camera Roll and they played and laughed for hours!

Camera Roll is for 3+ players ages 12+. Add it to your family game night if you have tweens and teens! Great Easter basket addition too!

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