Deck the Halls with Logs and Laughter: The Christmas Poop Log Story!


It’s that magical time of year again when our hearts are full of joy and our homes are full of… logs? You heard right! I’m talking about the hilariously heartwarming “The Christmas Poop Log Story Book & Activity Set,” a quirky Akron, Ohio original that’s become the must-have gift of the season. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let’s chat about why this local gem has us all giggling with glee.


A Log’s Journey from Spain to Akron – The Tradition Takes Root

The Tradition Comes Home

Imagine a Christmas tradition that starts with a hunt in the wilderness and ends with a log “pooping” out presents. Sounds wild, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what makes the Christmas Poop Log such an endearing and laughter-filled family tradition! Born in the Catalonia region of Spain, this delightful ritual has found its way to our cozy Akron homes, thanks to the creative mind of Jonathan Chastek. This activity set isn’t just a gift; it’s an interactive cultural expedition that begins with the adoption of a special log, complete with a Santa hat, felt blanket, and the cutest googly eyes you’ve ever seen!


Crafting Memories and Poop Logs – A New Family Pastime

Get Crafty This Christmas

Remember when Christmas was all about creating rather than just consuming? The Christmas Poop Log brings us back to those handmade holidays with an activity set that’s perfect for crafters young and old. From painting to dressing up your Poop Log, this activity is a hands-on way to bond and make those festive moments count. Plus, it’s a sustainable choice that keeps on giving—just like the tree that will be planted with every purchase. Talk about a gift that gives back!


Laughter is the Best Present – Embracing a Hilarious New Tradition

Hilarity Ensues with Every “Poop”

The joy of watching a wooden log “poop” out gifts after being “fed” and serenaded with songs is a novel way to celebrate the season’s giving spirit. It’s not every day that a new Christmas tradition makes its way into our homes, especially one that comes with celebrity approval! So, why not make room next to your tree for a Poop Log this year and start a new tradition that’s sure to have your family roaring with laughter?

There you have it, —a Christmas tale spun with joy, community spirit, and a touch of the unconventional. Whether you’re in it for the giggles, the crafts, or the sustainability, The Christmas Poop Log Story Book & Activity Set is a gift that’s as Akron as it gets. Let’s show some love for our local and small businesses this holiday season and embrace a tradition that may be old in Spain but is new and exciting for us!

And hey, who knows? This peculiar, adorable log just might become the most talked-about guest this holiday season. So, let’s roll with the fun, support local innovation, and ensure our kids have the most memorable Christmas books for kids on their shelves! Buy it online today.



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