Top 10 things to do with a Sun Jar – Got one?

Solar Lights are fun, can be put anywhere, and brighten up the night- but they’re not for kids, their imaginations or creativity. ThinkGeek (a store I order regularly from for my husband) brings the best of an outdoor solar light and puts it in your hands.

Sun and Moon Jars with their hinged lids look like they would best contain honey, grandma’s jam, or fireflies, but these are essentially solar LED lights that are packaged in a really accessible way with colored LEDs!  Effectively – you use them to CATCH the sun light and let it out at night.

The jars are all frosted, adding to their enticing nature because they seem like they are going to be cold- which, for something that lights up with energy, seems wrong- adding to their creative value.

The jars are absolutely water tight, beautiful and are made to be left outside.

Sun and Moon Jars Glow at Night
A Sun or Moon Jar will Glow at Night if there's Sun during the day.

My top 10 ways to use a Sun Jar or a Moon Jar

  1. Add them to your front porch menagerie
  2. Charge them in your son or daughter’s window and use it as a night light.
  3. Illuminate your vegetable garden with a soft glow at night.
  4. Hang them on a well secured line as luminaries for a party
  5. Keep them in your car for that long day and evening at the park
  6. Give them as a homecoming gift that is truly unique its homey jar combined with a bright light is irresistible!
  7. Bring them camping
  8. Keep them around the pool (closed up) for soft glowing nights
  9. Surprise your Young Firefly Collectors with something to scare the fireflies with
  10. Window Box Additions!

Think Geek Sun Jar Review

My kids love the Think Geek Sun Jar and take turns over who gets to have it in their room at night. I guess we need to order another one! It’s simple to use too. Just set it outside during the day to soak up the sunshine.

picture of ThinkGeek Sun Jar
ThinkGeek Sun Jar

After soaking up the sun, the Sun Jar emits a beautiful glow all night long. Here are a couple pictures of the Sun Jar in my son’s room at night with no other lights on.

[slickr-flickr tag=sunjar]


Buy Sun and Moon Jars from Think Geek!

Currently, ThinkGeek is selling Sun and Moon Jars for $34.99 a piece.  Go get one today!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ThinkGeek who provided the product for review.

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