What I like most about driving the Lincoln MKT

picture of Cindy Orley driving Lincoln MKT

There are plenty of fantastic features of the Lincoln MKT that I want to share with you, below is what I like most about driving the Lincoln MKT.  Driving the Lincoln MKT is amazing on so many levels. Sure, it is a pretty car that outshines most in the parking lot. My kids call it the “Show Off Car”. LOL

Lincoln MKT offers a smooth ride

We were driving in a bad rain storm with lots of wind, thunder, and lightening. This is when we noticed just how well the Lincoln MKT rides. It did not feel like we were driving in a bad rain storm, the Lincoln MKT held its own. The best way to compare this experience is to compare the MKT to a house. When you are inside your home, you know it is storming outside but it doesn’t affect what you do or how you feel secure in your home. Driving the Lincoln MKT in the storm, I felt secure and safe. I didn’t feel movement from the wind, I didn’t even hear the crashing of the rain on the car like I would in my own. In fact, it felt like I was far removed from the outside elements while driving the Lincoln MKT. Even while normal driving, with the MKT, I don’t feel every bump in the road compared to my own vehicles. The Lincoln MKT offers a smooth ride.

picture of Cindy Orley driving Lincoln MKT
Cindy Orley driving Lincoln MKT

Adaptive Cruise Control

I have never been one to use cruise control, not even on long drives. I feel more alert and in control when I have complete control. My husband first tried out the Adaptive Cruise Control on the Lincoln MKT. He was amazed at how advanced the system is. Adaptive cruise control actually senses traffic flow and reacts. How? When using the cruise control, you tell the system how much distance you want to be between you and the car in front of you at all time. The distance is a matter of preference. The MKT has radar sensors that monitor the speed of the car in front of you, when it slows down, your car will adjust its speed. Once the car resumes its normal speed and clears the set distance between you and him, the MKT will adjust your speed to go back to your desired speed while keeping the desired distance between the 2 cars at all times.

It was so neat to see that I had to try it myself. I think the main problem for me with cruise control in the past was the fact that I would have to reset it whenever I would have to slow down due to traffic. I like that with the adaptive cruise control on the Lincoln MKT, there is no braking or resetting ever necessary.

Radar-based Sensors

The Lincoln MKT has even more radar-based sensors in the rear. These sensors monitor your blind spots. I am so use to scanning my rear and two side mirrors since I was 16. I honestly didn’t think that I would use the radar-based rear sensors much in the car. How do you untrain yourself from 19 years of driving? Especially in just 1 week? Hmm, easily! A little red LED light lights up on either side mirror if another vehicle is in your blind spot. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to turn to check out your blind spot before changing lanes ever again. Plus, the same sensors help you hwen you are backing up your car. If a car is detected, it lights up and an alarm sounds to alert you to stop. This is so helpful in crowded parking lots like Target or Giant Eagle! It really provides a much safer and less stressful driving experience for you and those around you.

picture of Driving Lincoln MKT
Driving Lincoln MKT (check out GPS to right)

Lincoln Navigation System

One feature that I am gonna really, really, really miss when I have to turn in teh Lincoln MKT is the Navigation System. This is more than a GPS system! This optional feature comes with the Global Positioning System (GPS) with 3-D mapping. That is combined with SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link giving you up to the minute information for easy traveling. We have a portable GPS system that we use between our two cars, only for longer trips.

While driving the Lincoln MKT, we are headed to Columbus for the Roar and Explore vacation. I knew for sure that we would use the navigation system then since I don’t know Columbus very well. What I didn’t know was how useful the navigation system in the Lincoln would be for around the town driving.

picture of Lincoln MKT Navigation System
Lincoln MKT Navigation System

Even if I don’t type in a destination, the navigation system is on and showing me where I am traveling on the map. I can see if there is congestion up ahead on the road or an accident. A couple days ago, I was headed to Wadsworth to see my brother’s new house. I don’t know the area well so I had planned on using the navigation system. Traffic on Rt 8 was a stand-still but it was 5pm so it was to be expected. But it was continuing for far too long. I checked out the navigation system and found that there was an accident and that the backup was for miles. All I had to do was tell the navigation system to avoid Rt 8 and it took me the back way. The navigation system saved me the time and frustration of sitting in traffic for who knows how long.

The SiriusXM Travel Link even gives you weather reports, gas prices, movie listings, and sports scores. Way more than a GPS! You can even store up to 10 gigabyte, which is about 2,400 tracks to use the THX II® Certified 5.1 Surround Audio System.

Spacious interior

Having a spacious front row has been really nice too. My  husband is tall, so it has been especially nice for him to have plenty of leg room.

picture of Spacious Interior of Lincoln MKT
Spacious Interior of Lincoln MKT

And, when I drive, my husband can lay back and relax while he enjoys the ride. 🙂

picture of Relaxing in Passenger Seat of Lincoln MKT
Relaxing in Passenger Seat of Lincoln MKT

Stay tuned for more exciting features the Lincoln MKT has to offer with my Lincoln MKT Week in Review.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Ford Media Fleet who provided the car for review.

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