Summer, It’s Time for Real Kids Shades

Summer is in full swing and we are spending more time outdoor. I have been thinking of the best ways to keeps the kids safe and one of these easiest ways is with new sunglasses! My favorite kid’s shades are Real Kids Shades! They are worth their weight in gold in our house!

Sizing Of Your Real Kids Shades

Sizing may not sound like such a big deal but it really is, my kids won’t keep their sunglasses on if they are too big or too small. Keeping that in mind Real Kids Shades studied the pupillary difference for child ages 6 months to 12 years old to come up with best fits.  They came up with 5 different sizes to create the most comfortable and best fit for our children, labeled by both age and ages range.  (Baby 0+, Toddler 2+, Kids 4+, Youth 7+ and adult.) For more information about each individual frame check out their website here.

Real Kids Shades UV protection

Real Kids Shades Offer 100% UV protection, That’s UVA and UVB! Which is awesome! And all lenses are made of optical grade polycarbonate material.  They also offer their new P2 lenses, which are polarized/shatter proof and wrapped in polycarbonate! I love that they reduce glare so my little ones. Kiernan loves this when we are out on the boat!

Register your Real Kids Shades

Here’s one thing I think all parents will love on top of all the other amazing things about Real Kids Shades. When you register your Real Kids Shades you get coverage if you lose or break them(one-time replacement). 🙂 In order to prevent this though we always try to put our glasses back in the bags that they are shipped in.

Where to Buy or Order Real Kids Shades

You can order online directly from Real Kids Shades but be sure to check out their store locator to see where the closest store location is to you.

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