The Gift of Sleep Provided by Mella: The Sleep Trainer Clock

Sleep trainer clock

The holidays bring a lot of time with family, laughter, and overall fun! They can also bring exhaustion! I don’t know about you, but in our house, we have been looking for the gift of sleep. My daughter has had (what I have been lovingly calling) the “Santa jitters.”

Do you know the “Santa jitters”? Where the excitement is too great to even be able to fall a sleep. It’s also so great that it wakes them up early and full of energy!

That was happening in our house. While I love to see her so excited, I don’t love the exhaustion that not sleeping well brings her and us.

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The Gift Of Sleep

For a few months now, my daughter has been waking up really early. The “Santa jitters” has caused later bedtimes AND early wake up times. If you have a toddler, you know this combination makes for grumpy days.

In my research of trying to find a better sleep routine, I had tried just about everything that I was reading about except for a sleep training clock. I had heard great things about these clocks from other moms that have used them, so I started to search for one to try.

I found Mella and was intrigued by all the features it provided. So, I decided to give it a try! I am happy to say that it has definitely improved sleep in our house!

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Sleep Trainer Clock Sleeping

How Mella (The Sleep Trainer Clock) Works

You can set a bed time on Mella in which the clock goes to “sleep.” Since the clock normally has a back-light on it and a smile face, when it goes to sleep the light dims and the eyes close. This helps our daughter know that it is bedtime.

You can set a wake up time on Mella in which the light around the clock will turn green, signalling that it is wake up time. 30 minutes before wake up time the light turns yellow to signal that wake up time is coming and the child is encouraged to play until it is green.

                        Sleep                                                    Play                                                    Wake


Other Features On Mella

Mella has many other features including five night light colors and three sleep sound options. We haven’t used the sleep sound option yet because my daughter is used to her sound machine. I would like to transition to using the sound on Mella for the convenience of having it all in one device but I decided to focus on the bedtime/wake up time first.

Mella also has an alarm that you can set for older kids that need to wake up at a certain time for school. There is also a nap timer but we don’t use that because fortunately our daughter naps really well.Sleep Trainer Clock

How Mella (The Sleep Trainer Clock) Has Worked In Our House

I would say the number one thing that Mella has given us is an easier transition into the day. Previous to getting Mella, our daughter was waking up REALLY early in the morning. The first few days we had Mella, she continued to wake up early and I would go in and tell her that Mella was still sleeping and that it was too early to get up. She wouldn’t really go back to sleep but she did lay back down to rest. If she didn’t rest until Mella was green, I would hang out in her room with her and read books to explain the meaning of the colors on Mella.

Doing this has helped us transition a habit of her waking up around 530AM to waking up closer to 7AM.

Sleep Trainer Clock

The other way Mella has made the morning transition easier is by giving us a calmer wake up. She would previously wake up screaming for Mommy and Daddy as if something was wrong. This would scare us and cause panic first thing in the morning. It also caused her to be in an elevated state first thing in the morning. There was nothing wrong, she had just developed a habit to want out of her bed and room immediately upon waking. So, she would scream to get our quick attention.

The yellow light on Mella has given all of us the gift of her waking up more calm. She now wakes up and sings and talks to her stuffed animals that are in her room. This morning she was playing story time with some of them. I watched her on the monitor play happily and then she called for us excitedly that Mella was GREEN!

Mella’s Design & Quality

Mella has a beautiful design. In my opinion, it is child-like enough but not too much. Does that make sense? What I mean is that it is a clock that can definitely grow with your child. My toddler thinks Mella is cute but it is not too little kid-ish for an older kid to have in their room.

Sleep Trainer Clock

The design is well thought out including the placement of the battery. It has a battery back up and takes a small round battery (that is included when you purchase). In order to be sure that kids can’t get the battery, they provide a tool to use to be able to change the battery out. When I set it up and saw that, I was impressed by the great job they did thinking that through!

The functionality of the clock makes it a great buy because it is an all-in-one sleep gadget! Having the sleep/wake lights, alarm clock, sleep sounds, night light, and nap timer all in one device is really nice to have!

If your toddler is having trouble with sleep, you might want to give Mella a try. It has made for better rest and calmer mornings in our house! Which in turn has made for overall happier days! Thanks, Mella!!

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