Beyblade Triple Battle Set Review

picture of Beyblade Triple Battle Set

Beyblades are one of the hottest collectible toys for boys right now. Beyblades are metal tops that battle one another with speed, skill, and tricks. There are various types of battlers and performance tops for your boy to collect and battle with.

When Elijah received his first Beyblade for his birthday, I had no idea what they were. Once he opened it, we were all hooked, including my daughter. At first, I thought it was a simple top, boy was I wrong! The Beyblade Metal Masters Tops launch at amazing speeds through the ripcord launcher. Each top is made differently and spins in alternate directions, making the battles unpredictable, challenging, and fun! When we were given the opportunity to review the Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set, we were psyched!

picture of Beyblade Triple Battle Set
Beyblade Triple Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set Video Review

Check out this video review by my 7 year old son on how to play with Beyblades, how to set up Beyblades, and why the Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set is so good.

Before we had the Beyblade Triple Battle Set, we would battle the Beyblade Metal Masters Tops against each other on the floor. Certainly this was fun but the tops would hit each other and then spin off into different directions. It was fun to see them fly across the floor but no serious Beyblade battles could be had. Now that we have the Beyblade Triple Battle Set, we can battle the tops against each other.

picture of Beyblade Triple Battle Set
Beyblade Triple Battle Set

Elijah has his favorites and for good reason as they are designed differently and all perform uniquely. The Beyblade Triple Battle Set comes with 2 exclusive tops, so you can start battling right out of the box! Assembling the Beyblades is easy. Insert the ripcord into the launcher, attache the top and then Let It Rip!

picture of Assembling Beyblade Tops
Assembling Beyblade Tops

The Beyblade Triple Battle Set comes with 3 Beyblade Battle Cores. Battle Cores are the plates placed at the center of the battle set. Each one has a unique grooves that the Beyblade tops ride in. Each Battle Core grooves creates a completely different battle for your battling Beyblades! The speeds at which they battle combined with the different shaped grooves really cause the tops to spin in various directions, knocking into each other, creating the battle. It is a lot of fun – even for mom. 🙂

The Beyblade Triple Battle Set itself is made of a light weight plastic. I expected a heavy duty hard plastic, so I was surprised by this. That being said, it hasn’t made a bit of difference in playing with the product. It has been sturdy and perhaps the thickness of the plastic is directly related to how the tops perform. That was my only initial concern for a product that is nearly $50, but it has so far not been a problem.

picture of Beyblade Triple Battle Set Contents
Beyblade Triple Battle Set Contents

In fact, the set comes with everything you need for lots of Beyblade fun include the battle arena, 3 battle cores, 2 tops, 2 ripcord launchers, official rule book, and 2 collector cards. This is a perfect starter kit for a boy age 8 and up! (My son is 7 and has a blast with it!)

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hasbro who provided the product for review.

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