Exciting New Toys for Active Kids

Spring is the best time to introduce new toys that will get your kids active and having fun. I have three new toys to introduce to you today that active kids are gonna love!

It’s been a long winter. Time to get outside and play!  This All Pro Passer is sure to get both you and your kids running and playing outside in no time!

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The All Pro Passer is is a must-have for any football fan yet fun enough for kids of all athletic abilities. This toy is essentially an awesome quarterback right in your own backyard. It launches a football over 25 yards in a perfect spiral every time. This is great for kids to learn to catch but can also be used to play one-on-one, three-on-three or with the whole gang!

It uses 4 “C” batteries to power all those passes with 9 different passing zones for hundreds of plays.  Just pump, press the button and catch!

You can find the All Pro Passer at Target and Walmart for about $49.99.

My kids have always loved laser blasters. Now that they are teens, they love playing with their younger cousins with laser blasters. The Laser X Long Range Blasters are the best toy blasters we’ve ever tried. They work up to 500 feet away- something that most others don’t! No need for extra equipment like chest or armbands, these blasters work with blaster to blaster play – making it way less complicated.
The sounds and lighting effects are awesome – they even keep track of how many times you’ve been hit and encourages you to do well or you’ll be out after the 2nd hit! On the 3rd hit, you know it with sounds and lights. The system comes with 2 blasters so you can play right away. The more the merrier with this toy! I suggest a minimum of 2 sets so the whole family can play or so your kids can play in teams against each other. The good news is if you have an older model of Laser X, they work together with these!

You can find the Laser X Long Range Blaster set at Target for about $49.99.

Every kid will love the Spybots Room Guardian, it is their very own 24/7 room security! This super cool new toy lights up and goes into armed alert mode when activiated. If an ‘intruder’ (aka little sister) gets too close and doesn’t know the password then an alarm will sound! If the person is granted into the room, they must first enter the correct code and then they’ll hear “access granted”.

This fun toy is very engaging and lots of fun. Not only does it sound off but the arms pop out and it flashes red lights if there is an intruder!! Although this isn’t a toy that’s going to get your child outside in active play, it’ll get them having fun inside with plenty of squeals and giggles guaranteed every time!

You can find the Spybots Room Guardian at Target for about $19.99.

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