Explore the Outdoors with your Kids and Backyard Safari Outfitters

picture of Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope

My son has an eye for bugs, lizards, and anything creepy and crawling on the ground. I’m amazed that while we take walks in the park, he can literally bend down, and instantly pick up something to examine. If your kids like to explore the outdoors like mine or perhaps they are a bit reluctant, I have the product line for you! Backyard Safari Outfitters offers an incredibly fun line of products that encourage kids to get outside and explore their surroundings.

Whether you explore your own backyard or go to the park, lake, beach, or country, your kids will love the full line of kids exploring gear by Backyard Safari. In fact, they are so fun that your kids will probably not even realize they are learning as they are having fun!

We eagerly took the opportunity to review 3 items from Summit Toy‘s Backyard Safari Outfitters.

Backyard Safari Outfitters Cargo Vest

As soon as my son, age 5 put on the Cargo Vest, he’s hardly taken it off! He loves the cargo pockets to store maps and found treasures and shoulder epaulets to hold his tools. Now he has a spot to store his gems and jewels (ie rocks) that he finds! He really looks quite handsome in the cargo vest too. My 3 year old daughter also likes to wear the vest when she gets the chance. She loves to wear clothes with pockets so having a vest full of pockets for her phone, toys, and even rocks too is right up her ally! The Cargo Vest is durable, we haven’t seen any wear and tear on it yet and it seems that it will last a long time. Backyard Safari Outfitters can fill up that vest with more than 30 exploring gear.

picture of Backyard Safari Outfitters Cargo Vest on 5 year old
Backyard Safari Outfitters Cargo Vest on 5 year old
picture of Backyard Safari Cargo Vest on 3 Year Old
Backyard Safari Cargo Vest on 3 Year Old

Buy Backyard Safari Cargo Vest for $19.99.

Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum

We have had another brand bug vacuum a couple years ago and were not too impressed by the suction ability. The Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum delivers 3 speeds of vacuum pressure, perfect for scoring larger bugs and more delicate bugs.

My son had no problem learning out to use the bug vacuum and even knew instinctively to turn the knob that closes the bug inside the vacuum after sucking it up. This is a great bug vacuum in that you don’t ever have to touch the bug while capturing and examining it. The kids can see the bugs larger than life in the body of the vacuum with the magnifying glass enclosure. Then, once they are done with their examination, simply turn the knob the other direction to release the bug. The original nose cone is a nice size to capture lightening bugs, ants, spiders, and small bugs. The Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum also comes with an extra large nose cone for the big ol’ bugs.

picture of Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum in action

Buy a Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum for $14.97.

Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope

The Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope is an exciting piece of equipment. What a gift for a kid to open! The exploring are almost endless as kids can peer up into a tree, over the backyard fence, and even under water in the lake or swimming pool! My kids love their Backyard Discovery playground and find it a great adventure to use the Mega View Periscope on the top level of the playset to look out into the ocean (yard) for pirate ships!

We took the Mega View Periscope to a local park to explore the marsh and stream. My son was so afraid that he would drop the periscope and was reluctant to try it. He enjoyed it once we were near shallow water. It is a bit difficult to submerge the periscope initially, however once you get the first of the four sections under water, it becomes easy. You can submerge the bottom 16inches.

picture of Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope
Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope extended in water
Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope
Backyard Safari Mega View Periscope

Elijah also checked out the pool water, which he felt more relaxed about doing. The only problem with this is that he wanted to take it in the pool with him but only the 16inches may be submerged. I hope to bring this back with us to the lake and peer into the water from the dock.

picture of Backyard Discovery Mega View Periscope in Pool
Backyard Discovery Mega View Periscope in Pool

Buy a Backyard Safari Megaview Periscope for $26.

Family fun with Backyard Safari Outfitters

There is a whole backyard, park, or nearby lake to explore and it can be lots of fun with the right equipment. Backyard Safari Outfitters can turn an ordinary afternoon outside into a fun family outing! The family has concluded that we will be buying more Backyard Safari Outfitters products for the summer. Our list includes Backyard Safari Binocs, Backyard Safari Explorer Kit, Backyard Safari Mega Magnifier, and Backyard Safari 2-in-1 Habitat in no particular order. My kids want them all now! This is a great product line to use as a reward!

Buy Backyard Safari Outfitters Exploring Toys

You can purchase Backyard Safari Outfitters exploring toys at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Target. We found a fun display at our local Toys R Us.

picture of Backyard Safari at Toys R Us
Backyard Safari at Toys R Us

Shop through Amazon.com by clicking below.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters who provided products for review.

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