Hot Christmas Toy Lalaoopsy

picture of Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash with Mini Lalaloopsy

Lalaoopsy is a red hot Christmas toy this year. This whimsical doll series with button eyes is available in both 13″ and 3″ Mini Lalaloopsy versions. BJ’s is the place to find the exclusive pairing of the Lalaloopsy dolls with their matching Mini Lalaoopsy doll.

Lalaoopsy Review

My daughter wanted a Laloopsy doll last year for Christmas but I had no idea what a Lala Oopsy doll was. I have since then learned that it is Lalaoopsy not Lal Oopsy doll. LOL My 5 year old daughter has been influenced by the Lalaoopsy commercials that have can’t-get-it-out-of-my-mind jingle that just stays with you all day long. They do a great job at marketing!

Lalaoopsy dolls are very upbeat, creative, and positive. Each rag-doll looking doll has their own personality and interests, just like your daughter. Finding a Lalaoopsy doll that has similar interests to your girl is easy.

We were able to review the Spot Splatter Splash™ Lalaoopsy doll. What a perfect fit for my girl who also likes to paint and get messy! Did you see her playing in the mud? Spot Splater Splash Lalaoopsy likes to be creative with her paintings with bright colors. She even has splashes of blue paint on her dress and boot. She also has a pet red and white zebra – what little girl wouldn’t want that?!

Elizabeth immediately placed her Lalaoopsy doll on her headboard bookcase so she could have her close to her all night long.

picture of Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash with Red and White Zebra
Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash with Red and White Zebra

I was surprised at the doll’s legs, they are the kind that dangle down from a doll, unlink most today that don’t move. I like it. It adds even more character to the doll. Lalaoopsy dolls can sit on their own, and have moving arms, heads, and legs.

Each doll is “sewn” into the world a set month. Spot Splatter Splash was Swen on October 25th. Her red undies have the date “sewn” on. She was appropriately “sewn” on International Artist Day, also Picasso’s B-day.

picture of Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash "Sewn" Date
Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash "Sewn" Date

Lalaloopsy can also take off her boots to relax with your daughter. I don’t know about your daughters but mine likes to dress and undress dolls, so this is a big deal!

picture of Lalaloopsy
Lalaloopsy comes with her own toy horse

My kids like small toys, just as much as big ones – sometimes more! Finding a Lalaloopsy doll with a Mini Lalaloopsy doll is the perfect fit. You can find all 8 combinations at BJ’s.

picture of Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash with Mini Lalaloopsy
Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash- comes complete with Mini Lalaloopsy toy of her own!

The Mini Lalaoopsy dolls are the perfect size for doll house playing! Elizabeth’s favorite toy is her doll house. She likes to have a variety of dolls and animals playing in her doll house. Having an adorable Mini Lalaoopsy doll with her very own red and white zebra, paint bucket, paint brush, and pallet to add to her doll house was so fun!

picture of Mini Lalaloopsy
Mini Lalaloopsy is included with the Big Lalaoopsy Package

Yes, Mini Lalaoopsy plays well with others! 🙂

BJ’s for Holiday Gifts

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Buy Lalaloopsy Doll with Mini Lalaoopsy Doll Sets

You can buy the Lalaloopsy Doll with Mini Lalaoopsy Doll Sets exclusively at BJ’s for just $24.99 each. This is a great price compared to other stores! Even if you are not a BJ’s Member, you can give their membership a try with a Free 60-Day Trail Membership to discover all the savings and values.

Win Lalaloopsy Doll (Cl0sed)

BJ’s is giving you the chance to win your own Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors Doll. She is the newest doll to be “sewn”.  Marina Anchors™ is super neat, and she always keeps everything ship shape. She also loves the ocean and has a pet whale.

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