InRoad Play Tape: Great Stocking Stuffer for kids

Do your boys have a ton of cars, trains or trucks? Do you want to give the a place to play with them without needing a train table, or road tracks? Or maybe you have a table they already use. We do, but setting up the wooden tracks sometimes is a bit of a pain! Not anymore!

inroad photoI received product to facilitate this post.

How Play Tape Came to Be

InRoad Play tape was created when little, 3 year old Brian wanted only a big box of cars for Christmas, back in 2002.  But alas he had no roads to drive his new cars on. His father, Andy accepted the challenge and 12 years later, in 2014 introduced the world to Play Tape. Now with  InRoad Play Tape, you just roll out the road wherever you like!

In Road Play Tape

InRoad Play Tape Options

InRoad Play Tape isn’t just your standard asphalt colored road. The roads also come in orange and purple! And the Black is available in two width options 2 inch and 4 inch wide. The 2 inch wide will fit your standard size cars as a single lane. The 4 inch wide will act as double lane road. InRoad Play Tape also offers Railroad and trolley tapes. My boys will be so excited to pull these out of their stockings on Christmas Morning! Kiernan will love being able to use his trains all over the house. I opened the road tape and tested it out. It tears very easily and has not damaged anything I put it on! It’s very similar in feel to masking tape or painters tape.

InRoad play tape

Cost and Where to Buy

The InRoad Play tape rolls are either $7.99 or $12.99 on InRoad’s website. Check and see if there is a local retailer near you here. Or You can order below on Amazon.

Train tracks and Road tape


 This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you InRoad for providing the product for review.

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