K NEX Value Tub Offers Best Value for Building Blocks

picture of KNEX Tub

If you are looking for building blocks at a great value, check out a K NEX value tub. You get more blocks for your money when you buy a value tub, plus endless building fun.

K’NEX 900 Extreme Value Tub Review

Are you thinking that a 900 piece system is a little much?  Not in the least! With the K’NEX value tub there are no limits to your kid’s imagination or the size of their creations! Plus, you will be saving a lot of money by buying brick building blocks in bulk! Compared to buying individual sets that add up to 900 pieces, the K’NEX 900 Extreme Value Tub is a steal! The convenient storage tub makes storage and clean up a cinch.

picture of KNEX 900 Piece Extreme Value Tub Contents
KNEX 900 Piece Extreme Value Tub Contents

The K’NEX 900 Extreme Value Tub has a variety of brick building blocks in all different sizes so you can build big or small creations. This set is for kids ages 5 and up. This is the perfect starter set for both boys and girls!

My kids are big on brick building blocks. We like K’NEX brand because they are easy to assemble, easy to take apart, have easy-to-follow directions, and easily work with other brick building systems. Easy, right? 🙂 It is very important for kids to be able to play with their building blocks without getting frustrating with poorly made blocks. K’NEX brand offers quality building blocks that you can trust.

picture of K'NEX building bricks are easy to use
K'NEX building bricks are easy to use

My kids have enjoyed their 350 piece value tub for the past couple years, so adding a 900 piece tub to their collection was like dream come true!  The tub comes with 50 different ideas on models to build including airplane, helicopter, Indy car, amusement park rides, claw, caged animal, and a man surf boarding. There are plenty of wheels included to make moving creations too!

We chose to build the pterodactyl at a recent playdate. At first, I only saw 3 steps, so I thought it would be easy enough to build. Those 3 steps were just the body of the pterodactyl. Then, I found 2 more steps for the wings. It turned out pretty simple to build with my son and his friend. In the end, all the kids loved playing with the pterodactyl with moving head and wings!

picture of Pterodactyl made out of K'NEX blocks
Pterodactyl made out of K'NEX blocks

Afterwards, the kids had fun playing with the K’NEX blocks freestyle. They especially like the variety of wheels in this kit. Things that move are always better!

This was the first time Elijah’s friend had played with K’NEX blocks. I found it very interesting that he could instantly look at the visual directions and start building at age 6. Like I said, K’NEX blocks are easy to build with, right from the beginning!

The KNEX 900 Extreme Value tub comes in a heavy duty 5 gallon storage tub that easily holds the 900 pieces and more! This makes for easy clean up! Also, if your child starts building a project and needs to come back to it another day, there is usually room for it in the value tub.

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Buy K’Nex 900 Piece Extreme Value Tub

You can buy the K’Nex 900 Piece Extreme Value Tub exclusively at Sam’s Club or on Amazon.com.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to K’NEX who supplied the product for review.

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