Keeping Tabs on Glasses with Lenz Frenz

I remember when I was 7 years old and found out I needed glasses, I was devastated. I felt self conscious. When I found out Kelton needed glasses I was worried he would feel the same way. We recently found Lenz Frenz and they have been a huge help in making him feel more confidant while wearing his glasses and give him a safe place to store them.

Lenz Frenz Teddy!
I received product to facilitate this post.

Where Did Your Glasses Go?

Kelton was a little sad when he found out he needed glasses and I did everything I could to make him feel better. We talked about how grown up he was and how handsome. He still felt a little off but over a short time he embraced wearing them. Then came a new problem, keeping them in their case at night. No matter what I did he wouldn’t put them in the case. I though Lenz Frenz might be the solution we were looking for, They hold children’s glasses and two fun ways for kids.bear can wear glasses like me

Lenz Frenz Story

Lenz Frenz was started after a childhood trauma. Little Liam was being bullied at school and one day the bully lost his temper and stabbed Liam in the eye. A piece of lead broke off and  lodged in Liam’s eye right after he was rushed to emergency surgery with a bleak prognosis; most likely he would lose his eye. Liam was very lucky and made it though surgery well and didn’t lose his eye or vision.  But it inspired Liam and his mom and they sought out to create a “friend” for children to help ease the difficult transition into wearing glasses.

Kelton loves "hiding" his glasses.
Kelton loves “hiding” his glasses.

How Lenz Frenz has Helped Us

Kelton was so excited to get his Lenz Frenz Teddy. He loves how soft and cuddly the bear is. He also loves that his Lenz Frenz bear can wear glasses just like him. Every night since his bear arrived he has gladly placed his glasses on bears face or in the case. He spent the night at his Uncle’s house and I knew he would not misplace his glasses. Peace of Mind for mom and Kelton.  Also Kelton doesn’t wear kids sized frames and they still fit!

Where to get Lenz Frenz?

Lenz Frenz are available in 6 different animals and of your child is already in contacts they have Li’l Lenz Frenz to hold them in.  Order the Lenz Frenz of your choice here! Lenz Frenz would make a great Christmas Gift for your little Glasses wearer!


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Lenz Frenz who provided the product for review.

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