Kids Will Clean Rooms Daily for Christmas Toys…

Kids are willing to do almost anything this month to get the toys they want this year under the Christmas tree!  In a recent Walmart survey, over 1,000 kids and their parents where questioned to learn about their expectations. 68% of kids said they would clean their rooms daily for a year to “earn” that special Christmas present they want most this Christmas. 84% would even work and give up playtime -which begs the question “when would they play with that special toy?“.  Only 23% would eat spinach for a year for it!

It is fun to learn and understand what drives kids and what gets parents to respond to their kids toy requests this season. Earlier this week, I posed the questions: Toys that Teach OR Action Figures and Dolls? Which is BEST for Christmas? on our facebook page. Half of those responded said Toys that Teach and the other half said let kids be kids and play while developing their imaginations.  The Walmart survey concluded that the top gifts that parents want to give are toys that teach but kids want dolls and action figures! Make everyone happy and give  a little of each. Variety is always a good thing, right?

I also posed the question: Do your kids find your Christmas present hiding spots? Walmart did a survey with 1,000 kids. What percent do you think were sneaky enough to find Christmas gifts before Christmas? I gave everyone the choice between 52%, 23%, and 14%.  You all must have sneaky kids because the majority said 52%!  The Walmart survey revealed that parents only thought that 14% of kids found gifts while the kids fessed up and showed that 24% of kids find their gifts before Christmas morning. What is your hiding spot for Christmas toys? The closet is the most common hiding place – and where you’ll find presents in our home too. My kids are forbidden to go into our closets this time of year – how tempting it must be to KNOW that that is where all of their Christmas toys are!

Check out the rest of the Walmart Survey – it is pretty fun to see how us parents and kids are not on the same page when it comes to many Christmas gift related topics!

I also posed the question on our facebook: Have your kids been naughty or nice this year? Will it affect how many toys they get at Christmas? The response was that it was an attempt for parents to get their kids to behave in December because Santa is watching but it has no affect on gift giving for parents.  Although most of us tell our kids that Santa is watching,  78% of us know that we will do anything and give as much as we can to our children at Christmas – no matter what.

Check out more fun and interesting findings in the Walmart Survey here.

How to make Christmas Special for your Kids

The point is, we want to make our children happy at Christmas and throughout the year.

  • As far as gifts go, my advice is to give your child that one special toy that they really want – as long as it is within reason! Then, sprinkle in whatever else you can afford.  Find great deals at Walmart! Don’t go into credit card debt to buy the entire toy store out for your child!
  • Make the Christmas season more about Christ who came to Earth for all of us on Christmas morning, attend church on Christmas Eve, and read the Christmas story together at least once this season.  Without Christ, Christmas is just about buying gifts…
  • Give to those in need as a family. Donate food to a food bank, donate through food & clothes drives at school or in your town, adopt a child on the Angel trees, and have your children drop in coins at the Salvation Army red kettles.
  • Spend quality time with family and friends. This is the perfect time of year to love on all of your friends and family with your time, your attention, and love. It doesn’t need to cost money to enjoy time together. Go sledding, build a snowman, watch a movie, bake Christmas cookies together, have a game night – no matter what, slow down and spend time with your loved ones.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas this year.

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