K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot Review

picture of Boy looking at KNex Scooter MicroBot

Elijah, my 5 year old discovered a box labeled Robot Parts in the basement. My husband, an electrical engineer has been collecting pieces since we were first married 11 years ago in hopes to find time to build a robot. My son was intrigued. We were not ready to search for motors and other pieces for this creation. Lucky for us, days later K’Nex offered to let us review and host a giveaway of two exciting robots that are more age appropriate.

Hands On Review of K’Nex Scooter and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bots

The K’Nex Scooter and Hopper Micro-Bots are for ages 7 and up.  My husband and I helped my 5 year old son put these micro-bots together. Besides following the directions, he was capable of putting the pieces together. This was the first time he has ever put such tiny pieces together and I wasn’t sure if he could do it or get frustrated. With direction, Elijah was able to put each micro-bot together piece by piece. It took us about 1/2 hour each to put together.

picture of Kid with KNex MicroBot

The instructions are simple to understand and includes many pictures to follow along. My husband, the EE was able to do it basically without the instructions. I, on the other hand, had to follow each direction step-by-step.

In the end, we had two very fun and completely different robots!

picture of Boy looking at KNex Scooter MicroBot
K'Nex Scooter Micro-Bot

picture Elijah with KNex Hopper MicroBot
K'Nex Hopper Micro-Bot

Elijah has a lot of fun with the robots he was able to make with his mommy and daddy. He takes them everywhere. Sometimes the pieces come undone after lots of play but it is easy to put back together, even he can fix it sometimes. I highly recommend the K’Nex Micro-Bots as it gives kids an outlet for creativity, teaches them to follow directions, shows cause and effect, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and they are just plain fun to build and play with!

picture of Kid Playing with KNex Hopper Micro-Bot

More on K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot

Scooter does just as his name says, he scoots along. He’s quite fun to watch! The K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot comes with 123 pieces,  including a motor, micro rods, and connectors.  We used a tray with edges, you could use a cookie sheet to keep the pieces all together. The pieces are quite small. Be sure to have 2 AA batteries or you’ll have a disappointed kid. The micro-bot has an easy-to-get-to on/off switch.

picture of KNex Scooter MicroBot Contents

More on K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot

Hopper is loads of fun to watch he hops and jumps along. He hops best on a smooth carpet but does just fine on a hard surface. With the design and use of the green colors, he looks like a little frog.  K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot comes with 118 pieces, including a motor, micro rods, and connectors.

picture of KNex Hopper Micro-Bot Contents

K’Nex Scooter and Hopper Micro-Bots Together

Of course Scooter and Hopper are fun alone, but K’Nex designed them to work together to create a Scooter/Hopper Combo Bot! This is an even bigger and more amazing micro-bot. The instructions are included in both boxes.

Watch K’Nex Scooter and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bots in action

Running the microbots together is lots of fun and gets a little crazy. We had fun shooting this video right after we put the micro-bots together even though my little guy had a cold.

Buy K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot

You can buy K’Nex Scooter on the K’Nex website for $11.99.  You can buy K’Nex Hopper on the K’Nex website for $11.99.  They are also available at Target, Wal-Mart, and other speciality toy stores.

Win K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot (Closed)

3/28/10 Updated: Winner Announced. Thank you for all who entered to win. More K’Nex are on the way! Congratulations Michelle entry #37, you have 36 hours to respond or another entry will be awarded this prize. Thank you.

K’Nex has very generously offered one AkronOhioMoms fan both a K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot. $23.98 Value

To Enter: You must visit K’Nex website and leave one Comment Below on another toy your child would like or already has.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to K’Nex who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

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211 thoughts on “K’Nex Scooter Micro-Bot and K’Nex Hopper Micro-Bot Review

  1. melanie says:

    I have three boys all under the age of 5 and we have not yet discovered Knex until your blog. The products look great. I think my boys would all love the Fire Rescue 10 Model Set since they all love firetrucks.

  2. lace says:

    We have the lincoln logs set and the girls love them. We also have a few knex pieces but not enough to do anything with.

  3. Valeen N says:

    My son has several K’nex sets but would love the Motorized Ball Machine! THanks for a great giveaway!

  4. Lean says:

    The motorized madness ball machine looks like a lot of fun. Your kid is adorable by the way, looks a bit like my brother when he was little.

  5. Jenn S. says:

    The Secret of the Wampus set looks really neat. My son is just getting into K’nex and really seems to love them.

  6. Dave says:

    Another K’Nex toy we would like is the Dinosaurs 20 Model Building Set. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. Marcia says:

    My almost 5 year old granddaughter loves to put things together. She really likes Legos and I am sure she would love these K-nex; I don’t think she has any. Grandpa would have fun ‘helping’ her.

  8. Michelle C says:

    My son has been saving his allowance for the SPIDER.
    michelle dot lee dot carter at gmail dot com

  9. Richard Mussler-Wright says:

    I loved the KNEX Leonardo computer interface kit…long discontinued. So, I have to choose the LOOPIN’ LIGHTNING COASTER Product# 50025 and reasonably priced at $40.99. Thanks. -r

  10. Amy says:

    My boys have had K’nex and they rarely let their little sister play, she likes the robot type toys as much as the next (tom)boy, do they come in PINK?

  11. Sheila says:

    We have quite a few K’Nex building sets. But the latest one we purchased was the Double Dare Dueling Coaster at Christmas.

  12. Tawnda says:

    K’nex are great! My kids have several sets, but what stands out in my mind is the 6′ ferris wheel

  13. Michelle says:

    The other microbots look fun, I wonder if Speedy is fast. My nephews are older and would love this.

  14. anthy says:

    I tried to comment, but I think the comment was eaten. Trying again without the link. My apologies if my entry shows up twice!

    I don’t have any children of my own, but I think my nephew (who I’m entering this contest for) would really like the Zoo Buddies Building Set. I hope this is okay for an entry?

    Thank you very much for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  15. trishden says:

    I’m a fan of AkronOhioMoms.com on facebook and left a message on the wall under the K’Nex post. Thanks! Trish Froehner

  16. Ann F says:

    My daughter is a Jeff Gordon fan so she would love K’nex NASCAR ® 24 DuPont / Pepsi Car Building Set

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