A Space Book to Grab the Imagination of Your Young LEGO Enthusiast

LEGO kids either love to build by following precise instructions, or they love to imagine and free-build with their box of parts with all vehicles powered by imagination. I find it difficult to purchase another LEGO kit for my son if he’s not going to follow the directions. It’s kind of frustrating for the price.

So, I am left with the question- what can I purchase to enrich my child’s love of imaginative play with LEGOs.

And of course, this brings me to the subject of this review. I received a copy of LEGO SPACE, Building The Future, By Peter Reid and Tim Goddard.


LEGO SPACE is a beautifully bound hardcover book with exceptional scenic LEGO photography, a great story line, a selection of step-by-step instructions, and excellent examples of LEGOs built as futuristic outer space craft.

I like the book because it mirrors my son’s interest in crafting a story behind LEGO creations.


I like the book because it has outstanding macro photography (that I can borrow concepts from for my food photography ideas).


The instructive pages are honestly few and far between in the book-which is good.  Take a look at this ROBOTS page- it only shows variations and starter ideas for robot concepts- Ideas to borrow from, awesome!


Some direct build ideas…



Photography a go go.. I just like to look at it and imagine the depth in the photo studio!!



This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to No Scratch Press who provided the product for review.

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