Let’s Rock! Elmo Review

picture of Let's Rock! Elmo

Hasbro brings together two things that preschoolers love 1) Music and 2) Elmo into Let’s Rock! Elmo.  This toy is one seriously cute and fun interactive toy. My daughter and I have had a lot of fun singing and making music with Let’s Rock! Elmo.  Elmo is always contagious with fun but the Let’s Rock! Elmo brings it to a new level of fun!  He comes with his very own microphone, drums, and tambourine and likes to share these items with his friends. His cute and witty comments are simply adorable, making this toy irresistible.

picture of Let's Rock! Elmo
Let's Rock! Elmo

Your child, ages 18 months – 4 years old will enjoy making music and singing with Elmo. Elmo sings 6 rockin’ songs, several of which your child will probably already know like “Elmo’s World”, Alphabet Song,  and other rock and roll songs that at least you will know like “What Elmo Likes About You” and “It Takes Two”.

Let’s Rock! Elmo Video Review

Let’s Rock! Elmo Review

Let’s Rock! Elmo will have your child giggling and singing with him as he sings, plays instruments and asks your child to join in by singing and playing the instruments with him. My preschooler loves to sing and has had so much fun singing with Elmo. Plus, the songs are too babyish, so even a 4 year old can have fun with this toy while younger toddlers will enjoy the beat too.

picture of Playing with Let's Rock! Elmo
Playing with Let's Rock! Elmo

Let’s Rock! Elmo not only sings but interacts with your child. He’ll ask for your child to give him an instrument, tell your child to play one he isn’t playing with, and even say “Thank you” for each instrument you give him. He even says cute phrases like “Is this thing working? Can you hear me?” when you give him the mic. I like that it is easy for little hands to place the mic in Elmo’s right hand, the tambourine in his left hand, and place the base of the drums under his foot. Kids will feel in charge since they can do it themselves. Elizabeth has no problem giving Elmo the instruments and operating the toy.

I really like that if you lose one of the instruments, Elmo will only ask for it 5 times. If you don’t give it to him, he’ll stop asking for it. This is sure to eliminate distress if and when you misplace one of the items for a while. If you find it again, simply reset Elmo.

Let’s Rock! Elmo can even go more interactive with the line of LET’S ROCK! instruments like the Sesame Street Let’s Rock Cookie Monster Keyboard, Elmo Guitar, and Grover Microphone. When your kids play their LET’S ROCK! instruments close to Elmo, and you place your instruments on “Band Mode”, Elmo will recognize it and ask you to play along with him. We don’t have any of these instruments but just seeing how my daughter enjoys playing with the pretend instruments with Let’s Rock! Elmo makes me see how fun it would be with the real instruments!

This is one seriously cute toy. It would make the perfect gift for kids as young as 18 months through 4 years old.  It is a fun toy for kids as they never know what he is going to say or sing. Plus, every play time is different as they decide what instruments he will play and they will play. I highly recommend this toy for it’s pure entertainment value. I just wish he was around when my kids were a little younger – or even when I was a kid!

Buy Let’s Rock! Elmo

You can buy Let’s Rock! Elmo at stores nationwide, on the Hasbro website, and on Amazon.com for about $39.99.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hasbro who provided the products for review.

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