Looking for a fun year-round active outdoor/indoor game? BlongoBall is great for all ages, portable, & family-friendly

picture of BlongoBall Assembled

We love playing games in our family. We have a great collection of indoor games but none to mention for outdoors. Games keep families and friends close.  I had the privilege to review the BlongoBall game and I recommend BlongoBall as a Christmas present for Game Lovers of all ages. This is a really fun game that can be played year-round outdoors or indoors, easy to learn yet challenging to master, and is family-friendly.

Hands On Review of BlongoBall

BlongoBall comes with everything you need to have a great outdoors fun time. Included in the kit : 2 disassembled BlonGoals that easily assemble for on the go fun, 2 sets of 3 BlongoBalls, and laminated playing guide & instructions.

picture of BlongoBall Contents
BlongoBall Contents

How to Play BlongoBall

With BlongoBall, there are 2 goals called BlonGoals. They are set apart by 25 feet.Each team will have 3 BlongoBalls which are 2 golf balls attached to both ends of a short rope. Each team has their own color, orange or yellow. Simply toss your BlongoBalls to the BlonGoal. If your BlongoBalls land on the goal and stays, you earn points. If your BlongoBall doesn’t reach or stay on the goal, no points are scored. Once the BlongoBalls are in play, you can try to throw your BlongoBall to not only score your own points but knock your opponent’s BlongoBalls off!   There are 3 tiers on the BlonGoals. You score 3 points if your BlongoBall hangs from the bottom rail, 2 points for the middle, and 1 point from the top. If you are a super pro and get your BlongoBall to bounce off the ground and then hang from any rail, you get 5 points.

This really is a game that people of all ages can enjoy playing from young to old. Check out a couple Youtube videos I found that demo just that.

BlongoBall is a fun outdoor game

Grass or Sandy playing surfaces are the best for BlongoBall play, however any flat surface will work, inside or outside really. Oh how I wish I had the beach option right now, however it is winter in Ohio so the best I can wish for is a nice day or rec room play! BlongoBall is a fun outdoor game year-round, even in Ohio.  In Winter, consider taking BlongoBall with you for some after skiing fun. Or, take BlongoBall with you on camping or fishing trips, trips to the beach, picnics, at the park, or just enjoy with some friends in your own backyard.

It is very portable in packaged box,or buy a BlongoBall carrying bag for more portability. Set up is easy. There are no tools required and literally takes just minutes to assemble and take apart.

We all know that being active and having fun outside is the healthiest recreation. Kids need 60 minutes of active play daily for good health and to fight the rising obesity rate for kids. Are your kids getting enough outdoor exercise? Are you? What better way to not only be active but to have fun as a family than to play a fun outdoor game together. This may not fulfill the full exercise requirements, however when you are outdoors having fun together, it makes active play more enticing and outdoor play becomes a good habit. Plus, the bonding time as a family is obviously a huge benefit.

BlongoBall for Christmas Gift for all ages

BlongoBall is great for all ages. Kids can learn to play. Adults can challenge each other in friendly competition and seniors can play since it is not too strenuous. Take BlongoBall with you to parties and other events. If there is a lull, take out BlongoBall to get the fun started!

picture of BlongoBall Assembled
BlongoBall Assembled

Buy BlongoBall

You can buy  BlongoBall on the BlongoBall website fro $59.95. Use BlongoBall Coupon Code “merryblongos” to save 15% at checkout. You can also buy Blongo Ball Complete Game Set on Amazon.com.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to BlongoBall who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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