Magnify At-Home Learning with the Omano JuniorScope Microscope for Kids

A child’s home is his or her shelter during the COVID-19 health crisis, as well as his or her new classroom.

Educators are working diligently with parents to ensure the learning process continues outside of the school building. However, many of the hands-on resources available in the classroom typically are not found in the house.

My 8-year-old misses his teacher, who consistently offered him exciting science and biology lessons in person. Since science is his favorite subject, he longed for the opportunity to experiment again. Thankfully, Omano Microscopes helped solve this dilemma.

How the educational experience will look for children this fall still has not been determined. Whether your student is at school five days a week or again completing schoolwork regularly at home, consider enhancing, hands-on learning with a microscope by Omano Microscopes.

My son instantly was intrigued by the Omano JuniorScope Microscope for Kids! As soon as we opened the box, I saw that spark for learning return to his eyes. He could not wait to get a closer look at the included slides, and he did not wait long.

The Omano JuniorScope Microscope for Kids arrived completely ready to use, batteries included and with an optional wall plug, and clearly was crafted with kids in mind. It is so easy to use and visibly durable. Yet, it is not hard for a child to lift.

Unlike other microscope kits for children we have seen, the JuniorScope by Omano is a quality piece for examining anything and everything, from a fly’s wing to a blade of grass. The JuniorScope clearly provides up to a 400x magnification level.

We also found the accessories included with the Omano JuniorScope Microscope to be both entertaining and educational, too. The accessories include incredibly detailed microscope adventure experiment cards. These explain how to use the microscope and conduct your very own experiments with the blank slides that come with the microscope kit.

The scope is so user-friendly my kindergartener also enjoyed his first lesson on the use of microscopes and got a kick out of looking closer at his own hair.

My 8-year-old intends to use the included petri dish to better understand how bacteria grows soon, too. There is much to learn with the Omano JuniorScope Microscope for Kids by your child’s side.

The JuniorScope kit is available for purchase on Amazon and through Omano Microscopes, at

Omano Microscope junior scope review

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