Have Fun with Secret Spy Stuff with Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

When Nerf came out with the girl version of Nerf toys, I knew my daughter would love them and she did. She plays with her Nerf Rebelle all the time with her brother and friends. Her friends always love them too so, we have given Nerf Rebelle toys as birthday gifts to all of her friends all year long – including a birthday party next week!

Nerf  has a brand new blaster called the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster Secrets & Spies that my daughter is going to flip for on Christmas morning!


I received product to facilitate this post.

Do your kids like to play spies? Mine do an the  Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Secrets & Spies Blaster is going to that it to the next level! It allows you to send secret messages in plain sight with Message Arrows and secret removable decoders.  Your daughter can write a secret message and conceal it on the Message Arrows. Give your friend the special removable decoder so she can reveal the the message she receives from the Message Arrow.  This is total spy work!


The arrows fire up to 85 feet for long range blasting.  The arrows even make a whistling sound as they fly through the air, making it all the more exciting.

The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow feels like a real archer bow as you set the arrow on the bow, line it in between marks, draw back on the string, align, and release toward your target.


It takes a bit of skill, not just a point and shoot blaster. Kids like both kinds of blasters, for different types of play.


My daughter has a smaller, similar Nerf Rebelle bow and loves the feel of shooting an arrow. I know she’ll like the additional spy element to the bow as well as the size. She is actually pretty good with a bow when she gets practice at her brother’s cub scout camp each Summer. It is good for a girl to be able to hold her own  with a bunch of boys!

I’m sure plenty of boys (my son included) are going to be jealous with this new Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster and all it’s secret spy. I had plenty of fun playing with it while reviewing it too!


You can purchase the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Secrets & Spies Blaster at retailers nationwide, on Hasbro.com, and Amazon.com for about $29.99.

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