Odd Bods Toys As Seen on Netflix & YouTube

Do you have an Odd Bods fan in your house? Airing on both youtube and netflix, this sketch-based series follows along on adventures of 7 adorable characters as they laugh, fool, and trip their way through the most seemingly ordinary situations that oftentimes have hilarious unexpected consequences. It is one of those shows that both kids and adults can watch together and enjoy the humor. If you are a fan, you’ll love these seriously adorable toys as well!

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Pogo Ice-Cream Truck

How can you not smile just looking at this Pogo Ice-Cream Truck?  Let alone play with it! Just like Pogo, you can be a little mischievous with this toy as it has an actual launcher! Push and play with the most fun truck out there while launching ice cream at all the other Oddbods (or siblings!). It comes with a removable Pogo character figurine that fits perfectly in the driver’s seat

There’s a little odd in everyone; Oddbods action vehicles are specifically designed to suit each character’s personality
Kids will love how interactive this toy is with doors that open and close. Plus, you can store  other toys, like OddBods in there!

For ages 3+, you can buy the Pogo Ice-Cream Truck on Amazon.com.

Fuse Monster Truck

The love of monster trucks runs deep for kids, especially boys!  Your child will love this Fuse Monster Truck that has a little bit of mischievousness and fun built right in!  This push and play truck is tons of fun with launching missiles included!!  It even comes with a removable Fuse character figurine that fits perfectly in the driver’s seat

For ages 3+, you can buy the Fuse Monster Truck on Amazon.com.

Newt OddBods Plush

As much as kids love to play and get rowdy with Oddbods, they equally love cuddling with Oddbods! Bring home the love and enjoyment of the adorable Oddbods with your very own stuffed toy for home or on-the-go. The sweet & popular, Newt is a sweet and innocent girl; she loves to give hugs and hanging out with every kid.

The attention to detail is fantastic and so well made. Oh, and super soft, your child will request it for naptime and bedtime as a pillow!

Collect all soft, plush, squishable, and huggable Oddbods plushes on Amazon.com.

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