Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset and Olivia Ready to Play 8″ Plush Review

picture of Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset and Olivia Ready to Play 8" Doll

Olivia is a fun, adventurous pig on TV that everyone adores. Now, you can bring Olivia home with you with 2 imaginative toys from Spinmaster. We were very excited to review Olivia toys but had no idea how exciting and innovative the toys would be.

Hands On Review of Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

You have never seen a Transforming Playset like this 2 in 1 Olivia Playset.  This playset comes with 23 accessories and a sticker sheet to personalize Olivia’s House and Pirate Ship the way your child wants. Half of the accessories are for the house and the other half for the pirate ship. Some of the accessories include couch, bed, table, chairs, refrigerator, lamp, pirate hat, parrot, ladder, and telescope.

picture of Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset
Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

Olivia Transforming House is easy to Transform and Switch back and forth

With the slide of one button, your kids can take the Olivia figure from Olivia’s House to the imaginative Olivia’s Pirate Ship. My 3 year old and 5 year old both can switch the playset back and forth, so don’t worry, your kids will not be frustrated with this toy. It is super easy to transform, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Simply slide the button on one side of the house for the house and the other side for the pirate ship.

picture of Opening Olivia 2 in 1 Transforming Playset
Opening Olivia 2 in 1 Transforming Playset

Then lift open the playset.

picture of 1/2 Open Oliva's House
1/2 Open Olivia's House

Olivia’s House

Olivia’s House is super cute and cozy inside with 4 living spaces. The accessories are very fun to arrange and play with. The kitchen comes with a refrigerator, table, chairs, plates, and food. Although Olivia cannot sit at the table, it is the perfect height for her to be at the table to play pretend.

picture of Inside Olivia's House in Transforming Playset
Inside Olivia's House in Transforming Playset

The living room in Olivia’s House is very cute with built-in stairs to go upstairs. Elizabeth loves to have Olivia walk up and down the permanent stairs. Below Olivia is in her playroom, see the drawings on the wall (stickers)? In her bedroom, there is a bed, night stand, lamp, and large mirror.

picture of Inside Olivia's House in Transforming Playset
Inside Olivia's House in Transforming Playset

Olivia’s Pirate Ship

Even sweet girls love to play pirates and Olivia is no exception! Olivia’s Pirate Ship opens with the slide of a button.

picture of Opening Olivia's Pirate Ship in Transforming Playset
Opening Olivia's Pirate Ship in Transforming Playset

Olivia’s Pirate Ship is just as fun and adorable as the house. The captain’s wheel even spins! Both my 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son loves this part of Olivia’s Transforming Playset. I think my son was surprised that something this cool was in a “doll house”!

picture of Olivia's Pirate Ship in Transforming Playset
Olivia's Pirate Ship in Transforming Playset

There are plenty of props and accessories to spark your child’s imagination as they play with Olivia’s Pirate Ship.

picture of Olivia Pirate Ship Beach
Olivia Pirate Ship Beach

I highly, highly recommend the Olivia 2 in 1 Transforming Playset! When my 3 year old girl opened it, she played with it for over 1 hour straight! She Loves it! It is easy for kids to transform themselves for independent play. It closes up with room for all of the accessories inside very easily. It is the perfect size to take to grandma’s house or a playdate. Several kids can play with it at one time at the 4 levels on each side.

The toys are for ages 4 and up. My daughter is just a couple months shy of 4 and my son is 5, both were interested, especially in the playset!

Olivia Ready to Play 8″ Plush

Who needs another baby doll? Give your girl a unique and creative plush doll, an Olivia Ready to Play 8″ Plush. This soft and cuddly plush is just the right size to pack in a backpack for easy transporting in the car, small enough to not take up too much space to sleep with, and just the right size for hugs from little arms! My 3 year old loves her Olivia doll, she has introduced her to all of her favorites like Dora, Kai Lan, and Boots! You can find them all hanging out any time of day and snuggling at night!

picture of Olivia Ready to Play 8" Plush Doll
Olivia Ready to Play 8" Plush Doll

Olivia has her signature dress  that is so lovely. The Olivia Plush series comes in 4 styles including Ready to Play (above), Artist, Operat Singer and Cow and Outfits.

Buy Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset and Olivia Ready to Play 8″ Doll

You can buy the Olivia 2-In 1 Playset and Olivia Everyday Dolls at Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, and on Amazon.com. Click below to order through Amazon.com.

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    I learned that Spin Master products have been featured in NY Times, Popular Science and Fast Company to name just a few.


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    Gigglesandlollipops at gmail dot com

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    Love the brands that Spinmaster carries…My kids are big fans of their craft lines…moon dough, paperoni, aqua sand, etc.

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