On-Trend Kids Easter Basket Must-Haves

Go beyond just candy this Easter, surprise your child or grandchild with these on-trend Easter Basket must-haves – for babies through teens! Skip the Easter Bunny themed ‘junk’ toys that you can purchase in the Easter aisle at the store. Although they are cute to put in the basket, kids won’t actually play with them and they break easily. Purchase a couple quality toys that will get them excited on Easter morning and played with for weeks to come!

Active Disc Game

Get your child outside and active by adding a Aerobie Pro Ring to their Easter Basket! This exhilarating flying disc game is perfect for big kids and teens Easter Basket!

If we want our kids to be active and outside then we have to give them fun things to play with. This gets more difficult when kids get older, especially teens. Aerobie Pro is “engineered for fun” and fits perfectly at the center of any big kid or teen’s Easter Basket!  Plus, this flying disc can travel long distances (flew 1,333 feet in a Guinness World Record!) for single or multi-player fun! How cool is that?!

Ages 12+.
Buy the Aerobie Pro Ring at Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, BJ’s, REI, Academy, Olympia Sports, Amazon, Big 5, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Hobby Lobby, Scheels, Dunham’s Sports, and on Amazon.com.

DIY Slime Kits

Kids love slime, especially when they can make it on their own! DIY Slime Kits is the hottest trend on the market for girls and boys. It’s so satisfying – as my kids would say to squish, twist, stretch, and squeeze! Believe me, kids make videos of this stuff and post online all the time!

Add SLIMYGLOOP® MIX’EMS™ Cotton Candy  to your child’s Easter Basket for loads of creative and not-too-messy fun. This kit allows your child to create the ultimate cotton candy with glitter, embellishments, and squish add ins.

This kit comes with mix-in embellishments for lots of creative, cool sensory play! There are other themes that are more boy themed too! Ages 3+

You can purchase SLIMYGLOOP® MIX’EMS™ Cotton Candy and other SLIMYGLOOP MIX’EMS themes at Walmart, Target, and on Amazon.com.

DIY Sugar Bombs

Sugar Bombs are all the craze right now! Give your child the chance make vibrant colors and fun patterns with their own Decorate Your Own Sugar Bomb!

Available in exciting girl and boy themes including Kawaii Cute, Emoticon, Cosmic and Under the Sea. This is not a bath bomb! These Sugar Bombs give kids the chance to decorate their Sugar Bomb and then use it in a bowl of warm water to watch it fizz away to reveal a hidden surprise. This is a fun ‘experience’ type activity toy that kids will enjoy experimenting with on Easter morning or anytime. Ages 6+

You can purchase Sugar Bombs at A.C. Moore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon.com.

Jiggle Digs Squishy Reveal

Another hot on-trend toy this year are Jiggle Digs where you dig away through squishy jelly mold to discover a squishy reveal!

 Add Jiggle Digs to your child’s Easter Basket for active, creative play as they squeeze, poke, prod, and shake their way through a unique sensory experience!  This is an other ‘satisfying’ experience young kids and teens alike enjoy. Just scraping away the jell-like substance is a calming, sensory experience like nothing else.

Choose from exciting themes for boys and girls including Squishy Shell, Sweetsaurus, Jelly Brains, Gummi Galaxy, jell-i-cor and Wiggle Poo. Ages 6+

You can purchase Jiggle Digs at Michael’s and Target.

Swim Goggles

Summer is around the corner, so adding SwimWays character-themed swim goggles will get your kids excited for swimming this summer or during Spring Break! Kids swim better and with more confidence with swim goggles. We love SwimWays brand because they are water-tight and have an adjustable head strap for the perfect fit for your kid no matter how big or small he is. Kids love the Disney theme Swim Goggles!

Choose from:
PAW Patrol Goggles, featuring two styles – Chase and Skye
Disney Princess Ariel Swim Goggles
Star Wars Goggles – Chewie
Spider-Man Goggles

The Little Mermaid is celebrating their 30th anniversary of the movie this year – aren’t these adorable Little Mermaid Swim Goggles the best?!

Ages 3+

Buy SwimWays Disney Swim Goggles at Target and on Amazon.com!

Diving Sticks

Another way to get kids excited on Easter morning to go swimming this summer is by adding Diving Sticks to their Easter Basket!

Kids love diving for dive sticks, especially when they are SwimWays Marvel character theme dive sticks like these Spider-Man Dive Characters or Disney Princess Ariel Dive Characters!  Whether playing in the pool or encouraging your kids during swim training practice, they will love swimming along with their favorite superheroes with these fun diving sticks! Ages 5+

Buy SwimWays Marvel Licensed Dive Sticks at Target and Amazon.com.

Buy SwimWays Disney Princess Ariel Dive Characters at Target and on Amazon.com.

Add a Splash of Fun with Water Blaster

Kids love water, especially when it comes to blasting their family and friends with it. Add a huge splash of fun to their Easter Bsket with a Toy Story Slinky® Dog Water Blaster!! Disney’s Toy Story’s Slinky Dog is now a water blaster! Blast water out of his mouth up to 30 feet away! Nobody is safe around the Toy Story Slinky® Dog Water Blaster! Simply dip Slilnky’s mouth into a bucket of water and the water will fill up the tube as his hind legs are pulled back. Ages 4+

Buy Toy Story Slinky® Dog Water Blaster for $14.99 on SwimWays website and on Amazon.com.

Paint Your Own…

Let your child express his creativity and express their own style with Creative Roots Paint Your Own! Stepping Stone, Elephant Planter, Cactus, and more. Once the creative fun is complete, these projects will be on display for all to enjoy. Ages 3+

You can purchase Creative Roots Paint Your Own! kits on A.C. Moore, Amazon, Family Dollar and on Amazon.com.

Baby Colors and Music Learning Toy

Give your baby the gift of playful music and lights with this snugly striped Lights & Stripes Zebra from VTech. The tummy plays endearing phrases, sings playful sing-along songs, and introduces colors with lights in 5 different colors. Ages Birth+

You can purchase Lights & Stripes Zebra at Walmart and on Amazon.com.

Imaginative Play Learning Toy

The Scout’s Learning Lights Remote Deluxe is a role-play learning toy with 17 buttons to explore 100 phrases, sounds, and music. It’s great for developing fine motor skills as well. Listen to phrases, music, and sounds from the weather channel, and more! Ages 6 months+
You can purchase Scout’s Learning Lights Remote Deluxe and on Amazon.com.

Gift of Music

Inspire your future musician with a Casio SA-76 Keyboard https://www.casio.com/products/electronic-musical-instruments/mini-keyboards/sa-76 this Easter. It may not fit in an Easter Basket but it will bring delight this Easter morning as your child will be able to learn the essentials for playing his first tunes. There are 100 tones, 50 rhythms, and 10 integrated songs. You can ever change-over between piano and organ modes.

You can purchase on the Casio website and on Amazon.com.

I hope you now have plenty of fun ideas for children’s Easter baskets and/or Easter gifts this year for your kids and teens!

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