Imaginative Play with PLAYMOBIL School!

School is in session with the PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building! This interactive building model of a fully equipped 2-story school building will provide hours of imaginative fun and play for kids ages 5+. It is the perfect weekend Fall activity to put together with your child or save for Christmas!
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PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building Review

I love how PLAYMOBIL encourages imaginative play with their fantastic building sets. Half the fun is putting together the building set with your child and the other half is watching your child get creative with stories of each PLAYMOBIL character as they spend the day at their school with the PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building.

This is a fully functioning school. Once the characters arrive at school, they can park their bike and unload their book bags in the cubbies below – just like real school. 

From there, they can head to science class in a fully-equipped biology room where kids can experiment and be young scientist. If they need to use the rest room, it is also located downstairs and handicap accessible. The way PLAYMOBIL pays attention to such details amazes me!

Upstairs, your child and the PLAYMOBIL characters will find a computer lab and teacher’s office. Half the phone is going up the stairs (my kids use to love making their toys go up and down stairs over and over and over) or better yet, the fully functioning elevator!  This is a large set with 242 pieces! I like that PLAYMOBIL gives you an estimated time to assemble right on the package so you know what you are in for! This set is about 90 minutes to assemble. If your child helps, expect that time to increase significantly! Depending on the age of your child, I highly recommend you letting them be involved in the construction process, it is a great learning experience and they will be proud of their accomplishment with you.

A good place for kids to start are the individually packaged character bags. They can easily put them together. This set is fantastic because it includes a lot of fun accessories that kids can play with including 3 adult figures, 6 child figures, a functioning clock with school bells, desks, backpacks, bikes, laptops, chairs, classroom charts, books, skeleton (biology?!), wheelchair, toilets, sinks, and more.

The fully functioning clock is a great way for young children to get use to seeing a clock to learn to tell time. It is a good way for you to show what time kids are in school and what they do at each time of the day. The clock is also a school bell with your child will enjoy playing with to alert the characters to move on to the next part of their day! You can even set alarms for playtime or personal use as an alarm clock.

There are large platform and construction pieces that makes this PLAYMOBIL set take shape pretty quickly.  They are easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions. 

I like that each step is packaged in different bags to keep the construction process running smooth and hassle-free. This makes it easy to start the project at one point and finish at another if you need to break it up over the course of a couple school nights or over the weekend.

You can purchase PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building on the PLAYMOBIL website  for $129.99 with free shipping and on

Your child will love this Furnished School Building set. Once they have had time to enjoy playing with the set, you can expand with many options! This makes great gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays from family and friends to complete the set too.

I highly recommend the Gym set first as kids will love being active and having fun. This kit showcases gymnastics, basketball, wall climbing, scoreboard and equipment for many other sports. Also available on

The History Class is another fun option with a blackboard that can actually be written on! There are plenty of props, diagrams, and costumes for the characters to really engage in learning. Also available on

Expand your child’s horizons with this Geography Class addition. It has everything you need to turn any room into a geography expedition of learning. Also available on

Kids will love this Art Class add on set with everything they need to get their PLAYMOBIL character creative and artistic! Also available on

You can expand your child’s favorite classroom with this Classroom Extension Set or create a new room for a set like the above Geography Class or Art Classkit. Sometimes learning and fun can’t be contained to just one room! Also available on Whether you purchase this PLAYMOBIL school building for a Fall gift, Christmas, or birthday, it is sure to get your child excited about school and imaginative play!

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